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This season Lyric Opera of Chicago is going to present its latest production of Die Fledermaus at the Civic Opera House stage. The show originally premiered during the holiday season and whipped the best holiday confection for the lovers of opera. The Die Fledermaus tickets are once again selling fast as those that missed it before are looking forward to attending it this time, and the ones that had already attended it are keen on attending it one more time. Civic Opera House’ 3,563 seats are expected to be booked for these upcoming performances, starting from the 10th of January and ending on the 18th.


Die Fledermaus


Civic Opera House

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Lyric Opera of Chicago

Theatre an der Wien

This famous comic operetta by Johann Strauss Jr. is based on libretto by German playwrights, Richard Genee and Karl Haffner. The operetta premiered at Theatre an der Wien, Vienna in the April of 1874. Since then, it has been considered as repertoire’s regular part. A few months after its premiere, the operetta was taken to Stadt Theatre, where it was performed under the supervision of Rudolf Bial. From there it was taken to Germany where it was staged at Gärtnerplatztheater a year later. It was translated into English and staged at Alhambra Theatre, London in December of 1976. All these productions, released a year apart from one another were grand hits. Today, its productions have been taken all across the world.

The Waltz King and Die Fledermaus

Johann Strauss Jr. earned fame as a composer of operettas and light dance music during the 19th century. During his lifetime, he composed more than 400 polkas, waltz and quadrilles, as well as one ballet and many operettas. While he lived, Strauss was often referred to as the “King of Waltz” for being one of the pioneers of waltz within Vienne during the 19th century. One of his operettas that earned instant fame was Die Fledermaus. Apart from his famous operettas, Der Zigeunerbaron and Die Fledermaus, he is also popular for composing Tales from the Vienne Woods, The Blue Danube and Kaiser-Walzer.

Die Fledermaus features some of the most infectious tunes composed by Strauss. This century and half old comic tale of deceiving spouses, parlor maids with ambitions and eccentrics has still got the audiences laughing out loud. The operetta keeps the energy of the viewers high throughout its run. In this tale of mistaken identities, Eisenstein flirts with his own wife in a masquerade, where she appears disguised as a Hungarian countess. At the same time, an ambitious maid goes to lengths and borrows a dress to attend the elite masquerade so that she can change her life and enter showbiz. The things get really confusing when the fake identities and revenge intervene.

Lyric Opera of Chicago’s Die Fledermaus

According to Opera News, Lyric Opera perfectly combined the modern world with Strauss’ timeless comedy operetta. Aided by highly talented cast and creative team, conductor Ward Stare and director E. Loren Meeker have managed to fill the stage with nonstop comedy action and music that keeps the audiences entertained, without a single dull moment. Juliane Banse plays the role of Rosalinde beautifully as Bo Skovhus takes up to the role of Eisenstein.

The sets are designed with perfection, as the two story house of Eisenstein is shown with its curved stairway and fancy plaster work, presenting a feel of a 19th century dollhouse. From there, the audiences are taken to Prince Orlofsky’s royal ballroom, with its open space consisting of painted walls and soaring arches. These larger than life sets are inhabited by the lively cast of Lyric Opera, who have masterfully taken up their roles and done justice to them. On the whole, Die Fledermaus is an operetta consisting of catchy tunes which leave the viewers humming long after the curtains fall. Yet, there are some tunes that are very difficult to be sung. With Banse’ strong soprano voice and Bo Skovhus’ handsome Danish personality, the operetta has everything; from music and story to charm.


More about Die Fledermaus

  • The title of the opera, “Die Fledermaus” means The Bat.
  • Eisenstein's role was originally created for a tenor, but is now often sung by a baritone.
  • Die Fledermaus' original source is a farce written by the German playwright Julius Roderich Benedix.
  • Johann Strauss had a band of his own.
  • Strauss’ father was a self taught musician who was founder of a music dynasty within Vienne.