Cirque Dreams Rocks

Cirque Dreams Rocks Tickets

Cirque Dreams Rocks wonderfully mixes exotic circus elements with innovative themes and beautiful theatrics in one complete entertainment package. An acclaimed production, Cirque Dreams Rocks brings about an impressive addition in the resourceful repertoire of the company. Soaring aerialists, incredible contortionists and playful jugulars take the attendees to a dreamlike journey of music, dance and wonder. Besides its multiple national productions and Broadway engagements, Cirque Dreams World Tour is hitting more than ten countries across the world for its breathtaking shows. Attend Cirque Dreams Rocks at your nearest venue for a complete sensory experience.

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Cirque Dreams Rocks

Presented By:

Cirque Productions

Created By:

Neil Goldberg

Company’s Profile

Founded in 1993, Cirque Dreams began its operations with the aim to provide the best and inventive in circus shows. It became the first company to combine stage theatrics and European circus design with the American core concepts of the show. Today, with more than 15 different productions, Cirque Dreams offers world-class entertainment to the worldwide audiences. All of its shows have received international acclaim for their unique concept, elaborative production design and perfection. Among others, some of the famous shows by the company include Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, Cirque Dreams Splashtastic, Cirque Dreams Kidstime and Cirque Dreams Illumination.

All of the company’s shows are conceived, planned and designed in the Dreams Studio which has its headquarters at Pompano Beach, Florida. The creative crew of the company consists of some of the finest choreographers, musicians, designers and stunt coaches that closely collaborate with each other to craft the best acts. Besides the studios, the company also has Cirque Dreams Foundation which was founded in 2009. It provides professional career opportunities to a number of talented youngsters.

The Founder

Neil Goldberg is the man who is the mastermind of all the shows and serves as the backbone of the company. His creative leadership continues to inspire and motivate all the members associated with the Cirque Dreams team. He has earned commercial success and critical praise for his innovative shows and is regarded as one of the most influential entertainment professionals.

Welcome to the Dreamland

Cirque Dreams Rocks is the latest addition in the creative catalogue of the company. Like any of the company’s popular shows, Cirque Dreams Rocks features amazing aerial acts, exciting live music, flashy lights, sassy costumes and special effects. Unbelievable stunts, hit pop and rock tracks and beautiful dance sequences put together in one place set the stage for a circus extravaganza. Live performances by different music groups and dance ensembles supported by the grand vistas enhance the beauty of the show. More than 20 chartbusters from different eras have the attendees grooving and hooting when the musicians play them live.

Cirque Dreams World Tour and other Productions

Cirque Dreams collaborates with the Armed Forces Entertainment for their world tour series. The tour will bring smiles to hundreds of US troops and their families in more than ten different countries around the world. Besides this, 15 dazzling productions entertain hordes of fun seekers throughout the US in theaters, theme parks and casinos. Among others, Cirque Dreams Holidaze, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, Cirque Dreams Pandemonia and Cirque Dreams Illumination are some of the company’s greatest shows.

In addition to these shows, the fanciful new production of Cirque Dreams Rocks is staging its shows in multiple cities around the States. Cirque Dreams Rocks tickets are among the most happening shows tickets of the season. Look out for a convenient venue and experience this new show by Cirque Dreams that you will remember for a long time.


Did You Know…

  • The company claims to have entertained over 50 million spectators since its inception.
  • The total area of the Dreams Studio consists of 25,000 square feet.
  • More than 10,000 costumes are made within the Dreams Studio for different shows.
  • Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy is the first show to be performed on Broadway.
  • Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy has amused over 3.5 million attendees in 170 US cities.