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With a history and tradition of successful performances, Carolina Ballet is undoubtedly one of the most popular choice for ballet lovers. Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary this season, Carolina Ballet has become an internationally touring company with a list of impressive performances. Robert Weiss, the artistic director for the ballet along with guest choreographer Lynne Taylor-Corbett ensure each time that the performances are fascinating and flawless. It is no surprise that ballet lovers always prefer Carolina Ballet tickets when looking for an entertaining night out.


Carolina Ballet

Popular Performances:

The Nutcracker

Square Dance

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Moving from a student organization to a professional ballet company, Carolina Ballet is one of the finest ballet institutions in the country. Having kept its performance quality unblemished and repertoire richer than its contemporaries, it is easy to understand why Carolina Ballet tickets are always in demand. Regular theatre goers and ballet lovers are aware of the finesse of ballet performed by this company and hence continue to hold it as their most favorite.

About the Company

Carolina Ballet was founded in 1997. Its main performance arenas are in Raleigh, North Carolina. Before becoming a proper ballet organization, Carolina Ballet was a student company called Carolina Ballet Inc. Due to its exceptional performances, the company started gaining recognition and transformed into a professional Ballet Theatre Company. The ballet organization is geared towards reaching and maintaining the status of the top ballet company in the US. It accomplishes this by attracting, training, polishing and developing talented dancers. The artistic personnel of the company are managed by an efficient and fiscally responsible management as well as a board of directors.

Carolina Ballet also arranges performance outreach programs and teaches school-aged children about ballet as well. The theatre company also commissions choreographers and also presents traditional ballet routines by some of the legendary ballet professionals.

The Odyssey

Having been elevated to the standard of a professional dance company, Carolina Theatre had its first gala in the following year. Featuring dancers from New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, the inaugural 1998-1999 season for the company began with 21 performers. The first performance was held at Cary’s Regency Park, featuring George’s Balanchine’s ‘Square Dance’. It was attended by 2,500 people and received acclaim from both audiences and critics. The second season of the ballet company was a huge success as well. The 26 talented dancers performed thirty times in front of more than 34,000 attendees, across North Carolina.

By the third season 2000-2001, the company had grown to thirty dancers. The performances continued to be fascinate and enthrall thousands and kept the company on its road to great success, both commercially as well as artistically. The fourth season brought two important changes in Carolina Ballet. Firstly, the company moved to new premises, a specially designed studio in Raleigh, and secondly, from being a regional company the Carolina Ballet became a national and international touring company. By the 02-03 season the company has grown further in size, now with a total of 34 dancers.

The tradition of extraordinary performances is still the biggest part of the company. With its fourteenth season 2011-2012, Carolina Ballet has kept its repute as one of the finest ballet companies in the US. There are 37 dancers with the company who are undoubtedly among the best dancers in the country. The Carolina Ballet tickets thus have a justification for being such hot sellers.

Performance Highlights

Over the last fifteen years, Carolina Ballet has performed more than 130 ballet performances with at least ninety of them being original works. Even currently several ballets are being presented with amazing music and incredible performances. One of the most shown and most popular ballets is The Nutcracker. The traditional Nutcracker is performed by the Carolina Ballet which was originally choreographed in 2001 by Robert Weiss. By 2011, the ballet has presented Nutcracker at least twenty times every year.

The action and tenderness, love and heartbreak filled Romeo and Juliet. This was another one of the smashingly popular ballets presented by the Carolina Ballet company. The show faithfully tells the story of star-crossed lovers, and even after all these years, still continues to fascinate audiences. The opening act of the company, Square Dance is still a popular ballet performance These and several other exceptional ballet performances keep the interest of audiences high and continue to attract thousands with Carolina Ballet tickets every year.


There’s more to Carolina Ballet

  • The company has planned a Mardi Gras Ball early next year as a fund raising event for the company.
  • Last season, Carolina Ballet was invited to participate in the Appalachian Summer Festival held at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.
  • The Carolina Ballet also inducts trainees as well as takes students and develops them into exceptional ballet performers.
  • The Mardi Gras Ball also includes a special program for children called Land of Enchantment.
  • The ballet company recently held Young Dancer Summer Program, an intensive training experience for children aged 9-11.