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The California Ballet is a professional ballet company based in California. One of the biggest dance companies in the San Diego County, it was formed in 1968, and since then has risen in prominence to be one of the most renowned Ballet Companies in the country. Like all major dance and ballet companies, the California Ballet is also set to welcome the holiday season with the traditional presentation of The Nutcracker, which will be staged at the San Diego Civic Theater. Since the holiday season is fast approaching, California Ballet tickets are selling fast, so make your plans accordingly, to make the Christmas tradition of watching The Nutcracker with your family, a reality.


California Ballet


The Nutcracker


San Diego Civic Theater

Among the many classical and contemporary works in the company’s repertoire, The Nutcracker, is perhaps the most well known, and is performed yearly during the Christmas season.


 Formed in 1968, the California Ballet was a brainchild of ballet dancer Maxine Mahon, who became the new ballet’s first artistic director. She started off by gathering a group of desperate dancers to fill the void of a professional ballet company operating in San Diego. The ballet’s first major production was in 1971, when it staged The Nutcracker at the Russ Auditorium (which no longer exists). The show was a success, playing in front of sold out audiences, and the following year, the ballet was staged at the San Diego Civic Center. It has been performed there by the California Ballet every year since then.

The California Ballet made the San Diego Civic Theater its permanent home in 1971, and introduced new ballets to its repertoire. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Coppelia, and Giselle were some of the new ballets that the company performed.

The 1980’s was a big decade for the company, as they continued to expand.  The spending budget increased, and new faces and new ballets were incorporated into the company. Around this time famous ballerina Denise Dabrowski also came to the forefront as part of the Ballet California. In 1989 the company went on a cultural exchange tour to Russia, as they grew to be recognized internationally. The 1980’s saw the company’s increasing repertoire include ballets like California Heritage Project, The Legend of Josefa and Romeo & Juliet.

The ballet continued to build on these strong foundations and over the last forty five years has emerged as one of the leading dance companies in the country. Many international stars, like Ukrainian Vadim  Solomakha, have danced with the ballet as its reputation continued to grow across America as well. Every year new works debut at the company’s annual Choreography Concert, as the company tries to preserve this classic art form for the generations that have yet to come.

The Nutcracker:

The Nutcracker is the brainchild of legendary composer Peter Tchaikovsky and Marius Petipa. Based on E.T.A. Hoffman’s, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, the story takes the audience to a world filled with dancing soldiers, waltzing flowers, pirouetting toys, sparkling snowflakes and mischievous mice as they all sway to Tchaikovsky’s legendary score.

Over the years, the famous ballet has become the traditional Christmas present, which almost all major ballet companies in the country, offer to the public in holiday season. It has grown to become an essential part of Christmas festivities in the US. The California Ballet’s rendition of The Nutcracker has been staged annually since 1971, and this year will be no different, as the famous tradition continues.

The two hour long show will feature one of the most enduring and loved ballet’s in American history being performed by one the best ballet companies in the world.


Interesting Facts:

  1. For the first three years since its inception, the California Ballet used to perform only the second act of The Nutcracker until 1971, when it presented the full version.
  2. Every year the Company holds a special performance of The Nutcracker for military families, where they offer 1000 tickets to the families.
  3. The Nutcracker, is held annually by almost all ballet companies, and brings in more revenue than any other ballet production they may perform throughout the year.
  4. In 1997, the California Ballet began staging a highly successful family oriented ballet series. These ballets included Alice in Wonderland and Snow White among others.
  5. California Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker at the Civic Theatre is the most highly attended The Nutcracker in San Diego County.