Betrayal Tickets

Deception and betrayal are not new to movies and plays. However, the theatre performance by Broadway brings a different and enigmatic experience for the theater fans with “Betrayal”. The theatre production is the masterwork of Harold Pinter, originally written in 1978. Interestingly the play is inspired by the real life experiences of the playwright. Featuring the veiled motivations and concealed emotions, the play focuses on deceit, heartbreak and lies.

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Run Time

2 hours and 20 minutes


Suitable for ages 13 and above

This theater production has proved irresistible to theatre goers for decades and is still as enthralling for the audiences as it was in its beginning. Inspired by the author's own life, the play creates an interesting storyline. The plot of ‘Betrayal' as the title suggests focuses on themes such as marriage, passion, self-deception sensuous trysts and mystery.


Usage of Reverse Chronology

It is interesting to see the story unfold step by step revealing the turn of events as they happen. But it is fascinating to have this story told backwards, where it is all about finding out why things turned out the way they did. The play is in reverse chronology, starting from the scene where everything is over and going back to when everything began. The story of an affair spanning over seven years, between a man's wife and his friend, beautifully unfolds with effective dialogues and amazing theatrics for desired effects on audiences.



Emma is married to Robert. Robert has a close friend named Jerry who is married to Judith. Emma and Jerry carry on their affair for five years, without Robert's or Judith's knowledge. After keeping Robert oblivious to it for all this time, Emma suddenly admits her unfaithfulness, this time betraying Jerry. Although she continues her affair with him for two more years, Jerry never gets to know that Robert is now aware of their liaison.


Four years after revealing her infidelity to Robert and two years after breaking up with Jerry, Emma yet again lies to Jerry that her marriage broke up last night when Robert figured out about their trysts. The story begins from the moment the affair ends and goes back to when it began, coming back to present once again and then moving two years ahead. The story profoundly explains the weakness of love ending up not only in betrayal to others but sometimes even to oneself.


International Productions

Betrayal was firstly produced in London by National Theatre, in 1978. The play premiered in New York in 1980 at the Trafalgar Theatre. The year 1999 took ‘Betrayal' to Australia at the Sydney Theatre Company and Hong Kong premiered the play in 2004. Almost three decades later, in 2007, Roger Michell staged a revival of the show, in London once again. Sheffield was the next place for the play to reach where the Crucible Theatre hosted the play from May to June 2012. Continuing its international reach even after all these years, ‘Betrayal' has reached Buenos Aires this year where it was staged at the Picadero theatre. Currently the play is again being staged in New York and fans are quickly buying Betrayal tickets before the stock ends.

Some More Betrayal Realities…


  1. The Characters Robert and Emma are played by real life couple Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz.
  2. 1977 is the last year incorporated in the play, when Emma is 38 and Robert and Jerry are 40.
  3. In 1979, one year after it was written, ‘Betrayal' won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play.
  4. The story is told by the husband's (Robert's) point of view.
  5. The play is inspired by the author's real-life, seven-year long affair with television presenter Joan Bakewell.