Beatleshow Tickets

Beatleshow presents the authentic Beatles’ music without any superficiality. The show is about recreating the biggest hits onstage by the greatest band in the music history. Amazing instrumentation and good grasp of the cast members over Beatles’ music makes the show an entertaining experience for everyone. This one of a kind concert plays at the beautiful Saxe Theater everyday at 5.30 pm. Relive all the popular tunes of The Beatles and cherish ageless music by the Fab Four!




Tribute Show


Saxe Theater, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

The Ultimate Beatles Experience

Back in the 60s, The Beatles started as a basic rock band in UK and transformed the world music with their music. Their genre-defining records made them one of the world’s most celebrated bands in history. Throughout the 60s and 70s, Beatles ruled the international music scene with their smash hit albums. The Beatlemania has never faded out and their musical legacy continues to inspire listeners today. Beatleshow understands what Beatles music means to the fans and this is the reason that the show covers their different music periods in the most genuine way. There are no pre-recorded tracks, no scripted material; the talented cast of the Beatleshow performs popular hits from The Beatles’. The road from the Ed Sullivan Show to Abbey Road is portrayed by four very talented artists.  Entertaining the audience to their fullest, the artists leave the audience asking for more.

About the Venue

Brilliant acoustics, advanced light show, and fiber optic video curtains make up the stage of gorgeous Saxe Theater. The venue serves as a premium facility for the hottest live shows on the Las Vegas strip. Due to its vibrant atmosphere and comfortable seating, Saxe Theater doubles the fun of any live entertainment. The Theater is located within the premises of Planet Hollywood Resort and Casinos. With its 22, 000 square feet area, the venue can host medium to big sized productions. Currently, Saxe Theater is hosting some of the most happening shows that are presented with unbeatable in-house services. Among these, Beatleshow!, Vegas! The Show and Stripper 101 are popular productions holding their regular shows at the Theater. A perfect blend of ultra-modern equipment and intimate seating, Saxe Theater makes concerts and other presentations better and livelier.

The Talented Cast

The amazingly talented cast members of the Beatleshow include Steve Craig, Adam Joel, Glen McCallum, Tony Felicetta, Howard Arthur and Bobby Taylor. Steve Craig portrays John Lennon as part of the quartet. His command over Lennon’s technique allows him to sing just like him which is always a crowd pleaser. Adam Joel plays Paul McCartney in the show. His riveting guitar solos add a unique touch to the sound of the band. Glen McCallum and Tony Felicetta play George Harrison and Ringo Starr respectively. With their marvelous talents, these two members imitate chords and drum beats to the last note. Besides these four members, Howard Arthur and Bobby Taylor reprise their roles as one of the cast members during the show. Together as a team, these talented musicians present the full Beatles repertoire as if John, Ringo, Paul and George were on stage again.

Relive Some Beatle Moments

Beatleshow allows its attendees to enjoy the whole musical journey of the Beatles and relish some unforgettable hits by the band. The wonderful cast makes the show even more enjoyable with their contagious passion and energy. This experience is the main reason why Beatleshow tickets sell out so quickly. Experience the show and catch some of the best Beatle moments with your loved ones.

Did You Know...

  1. Steve Craig has portrayed Lennon in more than 2,000 live performances.
  2. Adam Joel especially learned to play bass with his left hand to impersonate Paul McCartney.
  3. Besides playing Ringo in the show, Tony Felicetta is also a band member of The Swinging Pedestrians.
  4. Bobby Taylor was also the original cast member of other Beatles tribute acts such as Rain and Beatlemania.
  5. Beatleshow has been called as the No.1 tribute band in the world by the LA Times.