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Nationally and internationally acclaimed, BalletMet Columbus is an organization geared to promote the art of ballet dancing. With its dance academy and a range of educational programs, the company has served the institution of ballet by a great deal. Based in Columbus, Ohio since 1978, the company is renowned for its diversified portfolio of performances and services. BalletMet Columbus tickets thus have more than one reason to sell. In addition to the shows put up for all age groups the educational activities provided by the institution are also offered to young and old alike.


BalletMet Columbus

Formed in:


Artistic Director:

Gerard Charles (2001 till now)

BalletMet performances repertoire includes classical favorites as well as contemporary dance works. The performances and dance works provided by the company come from some of the best choreographers and dancers of the country. The dance academy of BalletMet offers a wide range of dance learning opportunities as well, ranging from Tap, Modern, jazz and Ballet. The institution has, on average 1200 students at its downtown location. The number of audiences that the company reaches with its performances as well as other related activities, number up to almost 30,000 annually.

About BalletMet Columbus

Established in 1978 as a result of $200,000 grant from Battelle Memorial Institute Foundation, BalletMet Columbus is an American ballet company based in Columbus, Ohio. At the time of its inception, there were three staff members along with a dozen dancers. By 1997, BalletMet had expanded to 25 dancers. Known for its innovative and versatile repertoire of training and performances, BalletMet Columbus is one of the largest ballet companies in the country. Since its beginning in 1978, the BalletMet Company has added at least 140 premiers to its enviable record as well as produced 115 world premiers as of today. The company is governed by a board of trustees who contribute substantial financial and personal input for the development of the organization.

BalletMet is committed to maintain collaboration between the staff and the board members as well as among artists. The aim is to promote and sustain an educational and social merit along with the spirit of an institution of culture that continually strives to inspire and encourage audiences and those who appreciate the beauty of the ballet art.

BalletMet’s Dance Academy

The Dance Academy of BalletMet also ranks among the nation’s best dance-training centers. Founded in 1980, the Dance Academy is among the five largest professional dance training institutes. The academy offers classes to students ranging from the age of four to eighty-four. There are also Family Culture Corps, Dance-in-School programs and Morning at the Ballet offered as educational ventures by the company.  In 1990, the Dance Academy relocated to a 35,000 sq-ft. Dance Centre, which happens to be one of the finest equipped facilities in North America. Since this move, the company BalletMet as well as the Dance Academy has achieved national stature.

A Reflection on the Performances

In 1989, BalletMet had its international premier in Cairo, Egypt. That further opened the doors to even more international tours by the company. Traveling nationally and internationally, BalletMet visited 24 stated in the U.S. and also performed in Canada. In 1991 BalletMet held performances at the prestigious Aspen Dance Festival as well as at the Italica Festival held in Seville, Spain in 1993.

The year 2004 saw the critically acclaimed Manhattan premier at Joyce Theatre in New York. This was an achievement in itself since BalletMet was one of the eighteen companies chosen to perform, from a total of 66 international applicants. BalletMet continued its journey with its national and international tours and returned to the Joyce Theatre once again in 2008.

Beyond Entertainment

To the list of achievements by the company, another addition is of Dance Reach. It is basically a series of outreach and educational programs, serving about 30,000 people on an annual basis. A scholarship program to provide for youth’s tuition fees is also a part of the program. The catalogue includes performances from all age groups, including family shows. Special open houses and rehearsals are also sometimes open freely for the public to watch. The dance classes provided by the organization are also for all age groups alike. Each summer BalletMet also holds workshops and camps for children as young as three years old.

BalletMet holds great importance even in the hearts of ballet fans. As an organization it is geared towards expansion, not only as a company but also as a form of dance and education. No wonder the patrons prefer BalletMet Columbus tickets over its contemporaries, allowing the company to further pursue its aims in developing ballet and dance learning.

Did You Know?

  1. BalletMet reaches nearly 125,000 people annually with its performances, tours and educational programs.
  2. BalletMet is among the top fifteen dance companies in the country.
  3. Wayne Soulant was the first artistic director of the company.
  4. There are more than a thousand students, with ages as varied as ages 4 to 84, in the downtown location of the BalletMet.
  5. The dance center of the Dance Academy spreads over 35,000 square-feet, in North America.