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Bad Jews is a new comedy play written by emerging playwright Joshua Harmon and directed by Daniel Aukin. The play was first performed for a short run in 2012 to an overwhelming positive response. Following the success of the initial production, the play moved to the bigger Laura Pels Theater in New York where it will remain till December 15, 2013. To catch this exciting new comedy live, buy Bad Jews tickets and get a chance to watch Comedy Theater at its very best.

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Bad Jews


Joshua Harmon


Daniel Aukin

Running Time:

1 hour 40 minutes

A production of the Roundabout Theater Company, Bad Jews premiered at the first Roundabout Underground Reading Series in early 2012. It was chosen to be Roundabout Underground’s seventh stage production, and opened to overwhelming positive reviews on the 30th of October, 2012. Called “delicious nasty fun”, the play garnered a lot of praise for promising new playwright, Joshua Harmon, whose career has started off on the best possible note.


According to Johsua Harmon, the seed of the basic idea behind the play came to him while attending a depressing and unmoving service for survivors of the holocaust. Mentioning clichéd and barren points, the speakers lacked feeling and clearly had no idea of the actual horrors of the event. Taking that as an inspiration, Harmon started mulling over the idea and came up with the title “Bad Jews”. He did not work on the idea for a few years, considering himself immature at that point in time to work on the script, but it lay at the back of his mind.  In December 2010, he finally started working on it and the initial draft was completed in spring of 2011. After a few revisions and script reading workshops, the final script was ready later that year.


The play revolves around a Jewish family, who gather in New York for the funeral of their Grandfather.  Daphna Feygenbaum also comes to New York for the funeral and tensions between her cousin Liam and herself start emerging over the possession of a precious Holocaust-era heirloom. Both want the heirloom very badly, albeit for different reasons. The fact that Daphna has a purely “Israeli” boyfriend and Liam has a “shiksa” girlfriend Melody, who he brings over. The initial tension breaks open into an all out battle royale between the family members and a comical family feud ensues. Set in a cramped apartment room, in just one night, the play is a hilarious satire on the fickleness of familial feuds and the consequences of unchecked anger. It also offers an interesting take on the notion of religion and the role it plays in defining some of our decisions.


The play is directed by Daniel Aukin, who according to Harmon, is like a co-parent for the script and treats it as such. His excellent direction was a main factor behind the play’s initial success. The original cast of the play is coming together once again to star in this production of Bad Jews as well, with Tracee Chimo as Daphna Feygenbaum, Philip Ettinger as Jonah Haber, Molly Ranson as Melody and Michael Zegen as Liam Haber. Showcasing a comical brawl over family, faith and legacy, this is one play that is sure to leave audiences begging for more. To watch this fantastic new theater play live, buy Bad Jews tickets now.


Interesting Facts:

  • According to Harmon, the most interesting and fun part of writing the play was coming up with the long angry monologues.
  • Initially Harmon planned that the story of the play would span over a weekend, but was convinced by a friend to try writing a “one-night” story. According to Harmon, that was also the most challenging aspect of writing the play.
  • Wendy Wasserstein is Joshua Harmon’s favorite playwright.
  • The initial idea of Bad Jews came to Harmon when he 21 years old and still an undergraduate student.
  • Almost six years passed between the time Harmon had the initial idea and when he actually sat down to write the play.