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Celebrated hypnotist Anthony Cools returns with his epic comedy show in Sin City this season. Anthony has already fascinated thousands with his hilarious live shows and will once again take the audiences on a laughing spree through hypnotism. The X-rated, adult comedy show has become one of the highlights at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, where Anthony has been performing for several years at his namesake stage, The Anthony Cools Experience. So get ready to experience a whole new series of ‘good clean dirty fun’ as the ‘King of Sociability’ puts volunteers into a hypnotic state and then makes them do stuff that will send you roaring with laughter. 

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Anthony Cools


Anthony Cools – The Uncensored Hypnotist


Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas – The Anthony Cools Experience


Born in Calgary, Canada, Anthony was passionate about hypnosis from an early age. He felt a strong theater calling since childhood and therefore pursued a television and film degree at college. After graduation, Anthony began working as a radio jockey. He also started to manage a nightclub. In order to increase business at his own nightclub, Anthony began experimenting with comedy hypnosis in 1994. Little did he know that this experiment would end up earning Anthony thousands of fans across the country. The overwhelming response by audiences at the nightclub led Anthony to sharpen his stage skills and develop a more engaging experience for the viewers. Since then, Anthony has not looked back and now enthralls crowds after crowds every season.

The Show

Anthony Cools celebrated live show kicks off with hostess Natalie and the night’s DJ going over some ground rules. They warn the viewers that the show will be ‘loud, raw, uncensored and extremely adult in nature’. As soon as they are done explaining, the lights dim, music gets louder and with a bang, Anthony appears on stage to start off the party.

With oozing energy and vibrant stage aura, Anthony sets the mood for the night, step by step. While Anthony explains the qualities for good candidates for the show, the audiences can already sense the crazy journey they are about to take. After the instructions are through, Anthony starts an induction period during which there is pin drop silence throughout the hall and his volunteers for the night are sent into a complete state of hypnosis.

Once the volunteers are hypnotized, the real fun begins when Anthony becomes the ringleader and starts commanding the volunteers to indulge in one crazy scenario after another, resulting in an unforgettable and hilarious evening for the audiences.

The Anthony Experience

Apart from using his hypnosis skills to entertain thousands around the world, Anthony is also a renowned expert in helping people overcome behavioral problems. His videos and private sessions have helped people to surmount common issues such as quit smoking, lose weight as well as other life crippling phobias.

This season, the Anthony Cools tickets are once again expected to sell in advance. So make sure to reserve your seats at the upcoming and hilarious comedic journey and be a part of a memorable show with Anthony.


Did You Know

  • Anthony Cools – The Uncensored Hypnotist is the longest running hypnosis show in Las Vegas history.
  • Anthony’s every live show at Paris Las Vegas is recorded and offered for sale immediately after the final curtain.
  • Anthony has garnered immense fame over the years and currently has a net worth of $12 million.
  • Anthony won the Las Vegas Weekly’s Readers Choice Award for ‘Best Local Villain’.
  • Anthony’s first ever comedy hypnosis performance at his own nightclub attracted a crowd of 550 people.