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The Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel & Casino located in Deadwood, South Dakota is inviting fans of the legendary rock band, Rolling Stones to witness one of the band’s most renowned tribute shows. The Satisfaction – The International Rolling Stones Show is a critically acclaimed touring showcase that has been touring for almost twelve years now. Recent reviews by publications such as Las Vegas Sun, CBS News/New York and Showbiz Magazine have given positive responses calling the show a must see presentation. The tribute act made its way to the Filmore, Palm Stage, Varsity Theater, Wildhorse Saloon, Variety Playhouse, Embassy Theater Fort, Penns Peak, Jefferson Theater and Red Robinson Show Theater for its 2013 season. This time the fantastic Act One show by the tribute band is making its way to the Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel & Casino. Act One tickets are bound to bring in Rolling Stones fans from all over the state.

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Act One

Show Type

Touring tribute show

Running Time

3 hours

Introducing Act One

Act One will be presented by the popular tribute band that has over 1600 performances to its credit. The band was established in 2001 and consists of members Chris LeGrand playing Mick Jagger, Jim Riddick performing as Keith Richards, Dominick Lanzo playing Ron Woo, and Marvin Sperling appearing as Bill Wyman and lastly Wade Fowler as Charlie Watts. The band was formed by Chris LeGrand who currently acts as the ensembles’ executive producer. Chris established the band with the aim of recreating one of world’s biggest rock and roll bands. Over the years, the group has grown to become one of the biggest Rolling Stones’ tribute touring events performing over one hundred and fifty shows on an annual basis. Chris is also the proud owner and president of the SMG Entertainment LLC.

2014 is bringing forth shows all across Park City, Boise, Nichols, Auburn Hills, Elkhart, Dayton, Monroe, New Orleans, Charleston, Stroudsburg, Denver, Philadelphia, Cheyenne, Vancouver, Casper, Tampa, Marco Island, Akron, Salisbury, Kemah, Rushville, Midland, Lake Worth and Norfolk including other cities.

Songs Performed by Act One

The tribute show starts off with the invasion of the British band into the American pop culture back in the sixties bringing forth some of Rolling Stones’ earliest songs that brought instant fame to the rock band. From the band’s first single released in June 1963 named “Come On” to the chart-topping “I Wanna Be Your Man” and “Not Fade Away”, Act One will present some of Rolling Stones’ biggest hits. The Satisfaction show is known to bring forth a wide range of songs from Rolling Stones’ career. Some of these include “Start Me Up”, “Brown Sugar”, “Honky Tonk Women”, “It’s Only Rock-n-Roll”, “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction), “Wild Horses”, “Don’t Stop”, “Foot to cry” and “2000 Light Years”, amongst countless others.

Honors & Achievements by the Band

One of the band’s proud moments was in 2005 when the tribute ensemble performed on the Las Vegas Strip to a sold out show. This concert was aired on CBS New York Special in 2007. It was also chosen by IMAX Corporation and Paramount Pictures for the 2008 concert film named “Shine a Light”, directed by the iconic Martin Scorsese. In the same year, the group closed a New Years Eve concert held at Fremont Street. At the show, the tribute band acted as the headlining artist and performed songs by Rolling Stones in front of 30,000 spectators. In the following year, the band was invited to perform at the Presidential Inaugural Balls held in Washington D.C.

Another proud moment was when the tribute band was reviewed by the Rolling Stone Magazine. The review called the group “One of the best Rolling Stones’ tribute shows of the world”. The upcoming show by Act One is expected to reel in Rolling Stones’ fans from all over America.


More to Know about Act One:

  • Apart from performing songs by Rolling Stones, Act One has opened for bands such as Starship, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nazareth, Foghat and Sammy Hagar.
  • The Satisfaction show has been invited to join “Legends in Concert” production held in Las Vegas on an annual basis.
  • SuperSonic Events has based a musical named “A Symphony for the Devil”, that comprises of band members from Satisfaction.
  • Las Vegas Magazine has reviewed Satisfaction as being as real as the original Rolling Stones.
  • Satisfaction-The International Rolling Stones Show is known to perform in front of millions of fans each year, making it the biggest tribute show.