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The Detroit Opera House located in Detroit, Michigan is inviting theater lovers to witness the popular drama, A View from the Bridge. The one act show has been presenting shows since its premier in 1955 and over the years countless revival productions have taken place all across England and America. A View from the Bridge has entertained and pleased millions of fans over the years with recent shows held at the Cort Theater located in New York. Presenting a star-studded cast that consisted of Liev Schreiber and Scarlett Johansson, it gave sold out shows in 2009 and 2010. This time A View from the Bridge is making its way to Detroit to entertain audiences. A View from the Bridge tickets will surely bring in high sales.

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A View from the Bridge

Show Type

2 Act Off-Broadway Show


2 Drama Desk Awards for “Outstanding Revival of a Play”

1 Tony Award for “Best Revival of a Play”

The Detroit Opera House

The forthcoming presentations are expected to take place at the Detroit Opera House situated in Grand Circus Park Historic District of Michigan. Founded in 1922, the opera house was initially named the Capitol Theater from 1922 till 1929 after which it was called the Broadway Capitol Theater. It was finally in 1985 that the opera house was named the Detroit Opera House. The venue was designed by C. Howard Crane, the architect of facilities such as the Fox Theater, the Filmore Detroit and the Orchestra Hall for Detroit Symphony. It currently seats as much as 2700 audiences and over the years has brought forth popular artists, theatricals and plays to its live stage. Jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Luciano Pavarotti and Louis Armstrong have presented at the facility. Furthermore, in 2012 the internationally renowned documentary titled “Detropia” was screened at the Detroit Opera House. This time the venue is bringing forth one of America’s most well celebrated plays, A View from the Bridge.

Premiers and Revivals of the Play

A View from the Bridge is a one-act verse tragedy adapted from Arthur Miller’s script of the same name. The popular American playwright completed the masterpiece in 1955 with its debut staging occurring in the same year. Playing at the Coronet Theater, New York, now known as the Eugene O’Neill Theater, the play ran for 149 shows. These showcases were directed by Martin Ritt with a cast that included Van Heflin and Eileen Heckart. The London premier occurred in the following year when Peter Brook brought the show to the New Watergate Theatre Club. After the success of the play, several revivals were seen being presented all across New York. The first revival occurred in 1965 in an Off-Broadway show that took place at the Sheridan Square Playhouse. Then in 1983, another revival was brought forth at the Ambassador Theater with 149 performances. The year 1997 foresaw 239 performances presented by Michael Mayer and lastly Gregory Mosher showcased a fourteen week engagement revival of the show in 2009 and 2010.

Synopsis of the Play

The play is set in the fifties era and presents the main character Eddie Carbone, an American Italian longshoreman. He lives in Red Hook, with his wife, Beatrice and Catherine, his orphaned niece. Eddie who is first shown being kind and protective of his niece, later on starts to develop feelings for her. As the play continues two characters, Rodolpho and Marco, cousins of Beatrice are seen illegally making their way into America from Italy. Catherine and Rodolpho fall for each other and a relationship starts off between them. However, Eddie is jealous of Rodolpho and is consistently seen telling Catherine how wrong Rodolpho is for her. When Eddie finds out that Catherine has decided to marry Rodolpho he meets Alfieri, a lawyer for help. Alfieri suggests that the only way he can get rid of Rodolpho is by informing the Immigration Bureau about their illegal immigration. Brushing the idea aside, Eddie’s frustration grows as he constantly insults Rodolpho, any chance he can get.

 In the second act, Beatrice informs about two more illegal immigrants moving into the house. At this point the Immigration Bureau knocks on the door and arrests the four immigrants. However, before leaving, Marco spits on Eddie’s face and calls him a traitor. Eddie follows Marco to the street and a fight breaks out between them, with Eddie brandishing a knife. What will happen in this bloody duel? Where will Rodolpho and Catherine’s love lead them? Will Eddie proclaim his love for Catherine?


Did You Know?

  • Several films have been based on the play. The first was “Rocco and his Brother” of 1960, the second the 1962 “Vu Du Pont” and most recently the 2005 film “A View from the Bridge”.
  • The play has also been turned into a television series, first in 1966 when the show ran on ITV. BBC has also aired a dramatization of the play, directed by Geoff Wilson.
  • The play has also been presented as an opera. The first version was directed by Renzo Rossellini and performed in 1961. The second presentation premiered in 1999 and then again in 2002.
  • The debut English opera version of A View from the Bridge was presented at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma in 2011.
  • A View from the Bridge has received nominations for 3 Tony Awards, winning the award once in 1998. It has also been nominated for several Drama Desk Awards.