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Since Oliver Luck became the West Virginia Mountaineers Athletics Director in the year 2010, the program has soared to new heights. He has been instrumental in giving the entire structure a new direction and that has resulted in the Mountaineers becoming a very successful program. Mountaineers have proved their mettle in more than one sport and they are bent on bringing in more titles for their school. With the latest season underway, this is the Mountaineers chance to take the next step and further solidify their status as a really impressive program.

Athletics Program:

West Virginia Mountaineers

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I


West Virginia University

West Virginia Mountaineers joined the Big 12 Conference in the year 2012 and will once again be looking to solidify their place among the elite this time around. The Mountaineers program is on the up and has been considerably successful over the years. The list of championships they have won over the course of their illustrious history makes them a formidable prospect, one that has earned a lot of respect from the collegiate sports community. The fans are all up for the latest season and the fact they have been buying West Virginia Mountaineers tickets in huge numbers just goes on to show how much they are looking forward to the campaign.


Football for West Virginia Mountaineers began way back in the year 1891 and the one hundred and twenty two years that have followed have been pretty kind to them as well. They have managed to win the conference titles on fifteen occasions and have produced eleven Consensus All-Americans. They have won well over seven hundred games during this time frame and have also made it to thirty two postseason bowl games. As far as BCS Bowl games go, the Mountaineers have played in three and have come out as winners on each of those occasions.


The West Virginia Mountaineers men’s basketball teams have enjoyed considerable success over the years. They have been crowned regular season conference champions fourteen times and have lifted the conference tournament title on thirteen occasions. They have also made it to the NCAA tournament twenty five times while getting their hands on the NIT Championship twice to cement their place as a successful program.


In baseball, the West Virginia Mountaineers have a history that dates back to 1892. They have managed to maintain a winning percentage north of .500 during this time which is a commendable achievement. On top of that, they have also been crowned conference champions fifteen times and have also managed to clinch the conference tournament on five occasions. Eleven seasons have resulted in appearances in the NCAA Tournament as well.


The Mountaineers have been quite consistent in the sport of rifle shooting as well. They have twenty five NCAA appearances to their credit. They have also won a total of fifteen NCAA team championships and have produced twenty national winners as well. The Mountaineers have also gone on to produce sixty five All-Americans and a total of thirteen Olympians.

The West Virginia Mountaineers have won accolades in a lot of other sports as well. They are out to make their presence felt in a big way and if their achievements in previous conferences are any indication, then it will not be too long before they become a major Big 12 player as well.


Did You Know?

  • In 2007, they became the only program in all of NCAA to win an NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and the BCS game.
  • Their football team went the whole of 1922 season unbeaten.
  • Their highest AP Poll ranking in football was first and it came in the year 2007.
  • In 2012, the men’s basketball won thirty one games which is a university record.
  • In baseball, their most win in a season stands at forty.