Washington Redskins Tickets

Winners of the 2012 NFC East division championship, Washington Redskins are all set to prove their worth this season as well. After the recent overhaul, the team boasts of several skilled players in its roster. Among other players, last year's NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Robert Griffin III is also part of the team's squad. Joining him are other seasoned athletes like Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon and London Fletcher. The combination of the team's recent overwhelming performance and the presence of such notable names has sent the demand for Washington Redskins tickets sky rocketing.


Washington Redskins

Team Colors:

Burgundy, Gold, White


East Division of the NFC

One of the all time favorites, Washington Redskins are among the top football teams in the US. As estimated by the Forbes Magazine, they are the second most valuable team in the history of the sport. Playing with spirit, they know how to keep the spectators on the edge of their seats with their display of high energy on the field.
Early Years:

The team was established in 1932 under the name Boston Braves. A year later they changed their name to Boston Redskins. The third and final name change came in 1937 when the franchise relocated to Washington D.C. Showing great performance, the team won a division title and a league championship in its first season in its new city.
Major Accomplishments:

A true heavy weight of the sport, the team's record is full of accomplishments. Washington Redskins have taken home the Vince Lombardi Trophy three times. They also hold the credit for winning two NFL Championships before the AFL–NFL merger. In addition to their accomplishments, they have also amassed six conference titles and an impressive thirteen divisional titles.
Although the team has showed great performance on the field, it has had its fair share of ups and downs. In its eight-decade history, the franchise has faced problems in both performance and funding. Starting in 1956, the team had a twelve-year stretch without any win. This lean patch ended in the 1972 season, when the team won the NFC Championship. Over the years, the team has shown great resilience and has overcome hurdles to rise again.

The team has a strong rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys. Often referred to as the Cowboys–Redskins rivalry, it is one of the fiercest in NFL. The team also has a rivalry with the Chicago Bears. The Redskins won their NFL Championship in 1937 against the Bears. Since then, the teams have come face to face in the NFL Championships three more times and both have won two games each.
Prominent Players:

Several players have also gained recognition in their careers along with the team. These include Mark Moseley who was named the NFL's Most Valuable Player during 1982. He was the first and only placekicker in the history of the league to hold this distinction. Mosley also went on to set a league scoring record in 1983. The same year, fellow team player John Riggins set the second-highest league score. This was the first time in over thirty years that both the two top scorers belonged to the same team in a season.
Art Monk, while playing for the team, caught his 820th career reception and set the league record for the all-time leading pass receiver. Worth mentioning here is Timmy Smith who has made a Super Bowl record of running for 204 yards. Not to forget is Doug Williams, who won the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award in 1988.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Washington Redskins have appeared in five Super Bowl games
  2. They were the first ever NFL franchise to have their own marching band
  3. The team has played over 1000 games since its formation
  4. They are the second most-valuable franchise in the NFL
  5. They are the longest-established team in the Southern United States