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The USC Trojans are a special athletics program; there is no doubt about that. For well over a century since they first started to take place in intercollegiate sports, they have won all that there is to be won in more than one sport. They know what it takes to come out on top as has been proved by all that they have achieved over the course of their illustrious history. They are looking to get off to a flying start this time around as well and will be favorites to add a few more chapters to what already is an astonishingly successful legacy.

Athletics Program:

USC Trojans


University of Southern California

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I

Sports teams from the University of Southern California have been absolutely dominating the landscape for years now. Their consistency and achievements have turned them into a national powerhouse. The USC Trojans are in a league of their own when it comes to winning and accumulating major championships because that is what they have been doing over the course of their illustrious history. Sports have evolved, rules have changed, the way we follow teams are not the same either but that still hasn’t been able to put Trojans off their stride. It will be business as usual this season too as their fans buy USC Trojans tickets and get ready to back their teams to the hilt once again.


The USC Trojans’ association with football dates back to over a century. The university’s first ever football team took to the field on 14th November 1888 in a game against the Alliance Athletic Club. They won that particular clash by outscoring their opponents 16-0. That triumph put them on their way to becoming one of the most legendary college football programs of all time.

The USC Trojans have won a total of thirty eight conference championships on their way to lifting the national title on eleven occasions. They have also produced a whopping eighty Consensus All-Americans and seven Heisman Trophy winners. Trojans postseason bowl games count stands at an impressive forty eight. Thirty two of those appearances have resulted in wins. Their overall win percentage of over .700 also puts them among the most elite football programs of all time.


The Trojans baseball teams aren’t too far behind their football counterparts when it comes to winning honors and accolades. In baseball, they have managed to clinch thirty eight conference titles and have won the national championship on another twelve occasions. On top of that, they have also made it to the NCAA Tournament thirty six times. Trojans baseball teams have also played in a whopping twenty one College World Series to cement their place among the most dominant and consistent of all college baseball programs in history.


The USC Trojans men’s basketball has been quite successful as well. They are one of the very few programs in the country to rack up in excess of one thousand wins over the course of their history. They also have an overall record close to .580 which is pretty impressive considering how long they have been playing the sport. On top of that, Trojans have also got their hands on a total of fourteen league crowns.

Trojans Legacy

These are not the only sports Trojans have dominated. They have in total racked up one hundred and seventeen national championships in team sports. A staggering ninety eight of those have come in the NCAA era. USC has also produced four hundred and nineteen Olympians since the year 1904. These athletes have gone on to capture one hundred and thirty five gold medals, eighty eight silver and sixty four bronze medals. They have produced more Olympians than any other institution in the world which is an astonishing statistic in itself and one that forms a part of all that is great about this iconic athletics program.


Did You Know?

  • Their longest football winning streak stands at thirty four.
  • They are third on the list of universities with the most NCAA national titles.
  • Their men’s program has gone on to clinch ninety five national titles, the most by any university.
  • Their twelve national titles in baseball put them on the top spot in the list of schools with most wins.
  • Trojans are in second spot when it comes to producing Heisman winners with six players earning the prestigious accolade.