San Diego Chargers Tickets

With a pool of exceptionally skilled football players, the San Diego Chargers is all set to dazzle on the field this season. The celebrated professional American Football Club will be competing in exciting matches against some of the top football teams from around the country. The team will be playing matches at its home field as well as other football grounds such as the Sun Life Stadium, EverBank Field, LP Field, University of Phoenix Stadium and the Soldier Field. The live matches will allure thousands of football fans from around the US and thus the San Diego Chargers tickets will be in high demand this season. 

Team: San Diego Chargers

Mascot: Boltman

Major Championships: 15 Division Championships, 1 Conference Title, 1 AFL Championship

Initial Years
Formed in 1960, the team was initially known as the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers were one of the eight teams formed to play in the inaugural season of the American Football League. The team began playing in Western Division of the American League. After the first season, the franchise was relocated to San Diego and was named the San Diego Chargers.
The club became a part of the National Football League in 1970 after the mergers of the two leagues. Since then, the Chargers have been playing in the league's American Football Conference, competing in the West Division against Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.  
The Chargers won major championship titles during their tenure in the American Football League. They bagged their first ‘Divisional Title' in 1960 while playing in the Western Division of AFL. In 1963, the club managed to win the ‘AFL Championship Title'.
After becoming a part of the NFL, the Chargers made twelve Playoff appearances, winning ten ‘Divisional Titles' and one ‘American Football Conference Championship'.
Overall, the team has made seventeen playoff appearances, bagging fifteen ‘Divisional Titles', one ‘Conference Title' and one ‘League Championship'.
Home Field and Live Experience
Watching a Chargers game is always an action-packed adventure for all football lovers. The players exhibit extreme agility and sportsman spirit throughout the match that keeps the audiences on the edge of their seats. With thousands of fans chanting and supporting the Chargers, the team's home games offer a spectacular live experience.
The Chargers have been playing home games at the Qualcomm Stadium since it opened in 1967. The $180 million facility can easily seat over seventy thousand people for football games.  In 1998, the stadium hosted both, the World Series as well as the Super Bowl during the same year, becoming the only stadium to do so.
This season, the Chargers will be playing at home against highly competitive football clubs like Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks. These games are expected to witness thousands of fans as they will be storming the football stadiums to watch their favorite Chargers live in action. So make sure to be a part of this exciting American football season for a memorable experience.

Did You Know…


  1. Six Chargers have been inducted into the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame.


  1. In 2009, the team celebrated its 50th Anniversary by honoring 53 top coaches and players in team's history.


  1. Qualcomm Stadium is one of the three stadiums that have hosted the Super Bowl, MLB All Star Game and the World Series.


  1. The offensive strategy known as ‘Air Coryell' was developed by San Diego Chargers' former coach, Don Coryell.


  1. The Chargers' fight song, ‘San Diego Super Chargers' was recorded in 1979.