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After two winning campaigns, the Philadelphia 76ers once again failed to deliver last season. That forced the franchise’s ownership to make some changes. It all began from the top where “Sam Hinke” and “Brett Brown” were hired as the General Manager and the head coach respectively. Hinke comes in with a track record of success. He worked wonders with the Rockets and put them on the map once again after a prolonged drought. Brown on the other hand was an assistant coach at Spurs and comes with a glowing reputation of being someone who knows how to get the job done. These are very interesting times in Philly that could end up deciding where the 76ers go on from here in the long run.


Philadelphia 76ers

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Philadelphia 76ers are turning over a new page. The championship drought has lasted longer than many thought it would and it looks as if the ownership has decided that the time has come to finally get the team going once again. Apart from bringing in a new technical team to look after the franchise’s performances on the court, they have also brought in players that are young with plenty of talent to become linchpins around which the team’s future will be built. With so much at stake, Philadelphia 76ers tickets are once again likely to be in high demand as fans gear up to play their part in turning the team’s fortunes around.

The Beginning and Move to NBA

Philadelphia 76ers were incepted as an NBL franchise in the year 1946. They were known as the “Syracuse Nationals” back then and played in the league for three seasons. They made it to the playoffs every year but the last one was their only winning campaign. The franchise then moved to NBA in 1949 and made their mark on the league immediately. They went 51-13 in their inaugural NBA season and clinched the division title in the first attempt. Nationals went on to win another division title at the end of the 1951-1952 season. They were consistent division championship contenders for most of the 1950’s winning the title multiple times during the decade. Their biggest moment however would come in 1955 when they went on to clinch their first ever NBA title.

The Philadelphia 76ers

The 1955 championship was the franchise’s last title as Nationals and the team moved to Philadelphia in 1963 to begin life as the Philadelphia 76ers.  It took them just four seasons to make their mark as a Philly based team. 76ers won the NBA title as well as the division championship at the end of 1966-1967 campaign. The momentum they generated from that win however didn’t last too long and the team hit a brick wall right after that.

Rise and Performance till Now

Philadelphia 76ers went nine seasons without doing anything more than just making a few playoff appearances. That changed with the 1976-1977 campaign when76ers went on to win the league as well as the conference title. 1980 brought their way another conference title. The team reached the top ranks for the third time in their history in 1983 by winning both the conference and the NBA titles. The period following that triumph hasn’t been that productive for Philadelphia 76ers. They have gone to top the division twice since then and have been able to win the conference crown only once. Sixteen out of thirty seasons since have ended with winning regular season records for 76ers. They have found it tough but it looks as if that is about to change. The arrival of new faces at every level is a sure sign which bodes very well for the future as far as this famous basketball team is concerned.


Did You Know?

  • The Syracuse Nationals were formed when Danny Biasone sent the NBL a check of five thousand dollars.
  • Danny was an immigrant from Italy.
  • 76ers are among the oldest basketball franchises in the country today.
  • 76ers were the team that ended the Boston Celtics run as reigning eight times NBA champions in 1966-1967 season.
  • Their second game against the Celtics in the 1952-1953 playoffs ended in quadruple overtime. The 76ers lost the game by a score of 111-105 in what still is the longest playoff game of all times.