Orlando Magic Tickets

The Orlando Magic faltered big time last season and that too after a pretty promising start. That was a bit of a hammer blow for everyone associated with the team. Even through all that doom and gloom, there were signs that this is a team with potential. Changes to both the playing staff as well as the team management have started. One new face who is expected to make an impact is not a player however. Bill Burgos has been signed from the Knicks as the strength and conditioning coach. The management has apparently identified that the players need more fitness and that is one area where Burgos’s experience will come in handy. If they compliment that with a few shrewd signings then Magic might just surprise a few people with their performances.

Team: Orlando Magic

Conference Titles: Two

Division Titles: Five

The Orlando Magic have seen numerous winning seasons since their inception. They have won multiple division and conference crowns but the NBA title has still eluded them. Many a times, they have gone close to lifting the biggest prize that the sport has to offer but due to one reason or another have come up short every time. The team now is in a transitional phase. The management is working tirelessly to plug any holes that there might be both on the coaching front and the playing roster. The backing they get from their fans will count for a lot during this phase and there will not be a better indicator to how much support the team than the number of Orlando Magic tickets 2015 that are bought by the fans.

The Beginning

It was in the year 1989 that Orlando Magic were formed as an expansion franchise. Three other new teams, the Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets and the Minnesota Timberwolves were also formed that year. Magic took to the basketball court for the first time on 4th November, 1989 on their home turf, the Orlando Arena. Their opponents that day were the New Jersey Nets. The Magic lost that game but beat the Knicks two days later to record their first win ever. The first season however wasn’t that successful and the team ended the season with an 18-64 record. The team didn’t achieve a lot for the next few years but all that was about to change.

The Arrival of Shaquille O’ Neal

The Orlando Magic drafted a certain Shaquille O’ Neal in the year 1992 and the move began to pay dividend immediately. The team’s form started to improve drastically and the Magic made it to the playoffs for the first time ever in 1994. It was about to get even better. Next season saw the franchise improve further and that brought their way their first ever division title. Not only that, but they also went on to win the conference title that year as well to announce their arrival among the big boys in style. Shaquille O’ Neal became a star in no time and his fandom further increased the support for the team.

A Slump and Rise

Orlando Magic lifted another division title in 1996 but that was soured by the departure of Shaquille O’Neill right after that.  The team made it to the playoffs on multiple occasions after that but failed to win a championship for a considerable amount of time. The slump continued longer than many had hoped for and it wasn’t until 2004 that those black clouds first showed signs of disappearing. Wholesale changes were made to the Orlando Magic roster, the biggest of them was the arrival of young sensation Dwight Howard. The all new team took some time to get going and didn’t win a championship till 2008 when Orlando Magic won their third division crown. They followed that up with a division and conference double next season before making it a hat trick of division championships in 2010. That was the last time Orlando Magic tasted success. They had a decent couple of seasons but Howard was then traded to the Lakers in 2012 and another phase to rebuilding began. Yes, the last season wasn’t a success but at time these transitional phases do tend to push teams back. They have been patient and that always pays in the end.


Did You Know?

  • Orlando Magic have made it to the playoffs fourteen times.
  • They have the second best winning percentage among the four 1998 expansion teams.
  • They were the first ever Orlando based professional sports team.
  • Mike Guokas was their first head coach.
  • Their first ever draft pick was Nick Anderson.