New York Jets Tickets

Famous as the Gang Green, New York Jets have started this season in high spirits and determination. Owned by Woody Johnson, the team is currently managed by John Idzik and coached by Rex Ryan. The team currently holds its training sessions at Florham Park Complex. As the new season starts, New York Jets are ready to mark their glory and give their best in every game.

Team: New York Jets

Division Championships: 1968, 1969, 1998, 2002

AFL-NFL Super Bowl Championship: 1968

Colors: Hunter-Green, White

Based in Florham Park, New Jersey, the New York Jets is professional football team representing New York Metropolitan Area. The team was founded in 1959 as Titans of New York. They began to play in 1960 and the name was changed to New York Jets in 1963. For the first time, the team advanced to playoffs in 1968 and competed in Super Bowl III winning against Baltimore Colts. The team has appeared in playoffs thirteen times after that and four times in AFC Championship Game. The team has four Division Championship wins, one AFL Championship and one AFL-NFL Super Bowl Championship win on its name.
The team played their first four games in Polo Grounds. They shared the ground with baseball's New York Mets for two years. In 1964, the team moved to Shea Stadium which remained their home ground till 1983. Next year, they moved to Giants Stadium and played there till 2010. Since they were playing in a ground built and decorated for the Giants, the stadium crew used to make it more Jet-friendly during Jets' games by using green banners and Jets' logo. As the team became more competitive and stronger franchise, they tried to negotiate with Metropolitan Transportation Authority to build their own stadium but failed to do so. They eventually did 50-50 partnership with Giants to build a new Stadium known as MetLife Stadium. The Stadium can be illuminated in different colors depending on which team is playing the match. It was opened by both teams in 2010 with a preseason exhibition match.
New York Jets have their most famous rivalry with New England patriots. The rivalry escalated when New England's head coach Bill Parcells left his position with New England and took it with Jets. They have also maintained rivalry with Miami Dolphins since their inception in 1966. 1994's game between Dolphins and Jets is one of the most famous games of football in which Dolphins ran Fake Spike Play and won over the Jets halting their momentum that season.
The New York Jets have also maintained a high tension rivalry against New York Giants, their in-town counterparts. The rivalry was at peak in 1969's game between both teams which was viewed as “turf war” by both opponents.
Jets Flight Crew:
To enhance overall fan experience, the team established Jets Flag Crew in 2006. In 2007, the group was renamed Jets Flight Crew. The group has expended over the years performing choreographed routines during games, attracting new members to the squad and improving fans and spectators' experience.




Did you Know?

  1. Before being renamed as New York Jets, the team was called Titans of New York.
  2. The team's famous green and white uniform came about in 1963. Before that they wore blue and gold uniforms.
  3. New York Jets are also known as Gang Green.
  4. They are one of the three NFL teams to win in their only Super Bowl appearance.
  5. The team's home ground MetLife Stadium is the first Stadium in the history of NFL to be jointly built by two franchises, Jets and Giants.