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The biggest and the best Monster Jam Trucks in the world will once again line up to take part in a series of epic events. Monster Jam season is in full swing now and the final is now just a few months away so the excitement is growing. There is a lot at stake and the biggest prize is the chance to be crowned the best in the business. The drivers and their vehicles are all set to take the field and show mindboggling skills to entertain fans and come out on top. The competition is getting fierce so get ready to experience spills and thrills that only the sport of Monster Jam can offer.

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Governing Body

United States Hot Rod Association

Monster Jam trucks and their drivers have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. The event began as an exhibition that displayed these huge vehicles to the masses. It has now taken the shape of Monster Jam, a sport that has captivated millions around the United States and abroad. This motorsport has become something of a phenomenon that has seen its popularity grow with every passing year. With the current season now approaching, fans are queuing up to buy Monster Jam Trucks tickets to catch all the action live.

An Insight

The sport of Monster Jam can trace its roots back to the latter half of 1960’s. Truck pulling and mud bogging were gathering momentum and lifted trucks were constructed to overcome obstacles. Not too long after that, the race to design the biggest truck started to capture the attention of the masses. That led to various monster trucks being developed, arguably the most famous of them being the ‘Bigfoot’ by Bob Chandler.

In April of the year 1981, Chandler drove his imposing Bigfoot over a couple of cars, crushing them. Competitions like these began to be held quite frequently and started to catch the attention of a much wider fan base.

The role of United States Hot Rod Association

With Monster Jam Trucks coming to the fore front in a big way, the sport started gathering momentum. The United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA) was incepted in the 1970’s and the first ever race style competition, The Battle of the Monster Trucks, was held in the year 1985. It played a big part in changing the general perception of the masses towards the sport.

The Monster Jam Legacy

The success of Monster Jam has been nothing short of astonishing. Not a lot of people would have thought that what began as an exhibition of monster trucks would one day go on to become a rage. Monster Jam events now normally showcase two types of competitions. One is the traditional race where the vehicle that crosses the finish line before its competitors is declared the winner. The other contest features these humongous vehicles jumping over cars and different obstacles while performing jaw dropping skills.

Monster Jam events are held almost all through the year. Most of the competitions take place during winters while some are held during summers too. The exciting nature of Monster Jam has paved the way for the management to market the sport brilliantly and take it to other places like Europe, South America, Asia as well as Canada. The broadening of horizons has opened the doors for drivers from different parts of the world to show their skills. The season culminates in the Monster Jam World Series Finals at the Sam Boyd Stadium to determine who the best in the business really is. The showpiece event for this year is not too far away now so saddle up and get ready to be a part of something really thrilling.


Did You Know?

  • On the average, a whopping three thousand cars are crushed by monster trucks every season.
  • More than four million fans attend Monster Jam events every year.
  • The average cost that a team incurs on the event every year is around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
  • The paint job for one truck comes to around five thousand dollars.
  • On the average a monster jam truck weighs a whopping ten thousand pounds.