Mississippi Rebels Tickets

The Mississippi Rebels appointed Ross Bjork as their athletics director last year and that move has already started to pay. The football team went on to win the Egg Bowl and also went on to clinch the basketball tournament in Bjork’s first season as the head of the university’s athletics division. Some changes to the administration staff were also made and there are some more in store in the foreseeable future. These are early days but Bjork’s work has impressed the management enough to grant him a contract extension. The future looks bright and promising for a program that is all set to make its presence felt once again.

Athletics Program:

Mississippi Rebels


University of Mississippi

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I

The Mississippi Rebels have traditionally been quite a successful athletics program. Also known as the “Ole Miss Rebels” they have won some of the biggest prizes in multiple sports. They have been on the rise recently which gives them a pretty good base to launch themselves to the next level. There is a lot of positivity around the place now and that has got the fans excited enough to buy Mississippi Rebels tickets to root for their favorite team(s) live at venues around the country.


The Mississippi Rebels have had a very formidable record when it comes to nation’s most popular sport, football. Since the sport became a part of the athletics program of the university well over a century ago in the year 1890 they have won all that there is to be won in football and that too multiple times over. They have compiled a record on the right side of .500. The Ole Miss Rebels football program has also won six conference titles on top of winning the national championship thrice. They have also clinched one division crown and have produced a total of eleven All-Americans. Thirty four of their postseason bowl appearances have resulted in twenty two wins which has helped to strengthen their status as a very successful program.


The Old Miss Rebels baseball teams haven’t been novices either. Baseball started in 1893 and the Rebels have since gone on to win seven conference titles and two conference tournaments. They have also made it to the NCAA Tournament on eighteen occasions and to the College World Series four times.


In men’s basketball the Ole Miss Rebels have been relatively consistent in the last three decades or so. Since the beginning of 1980’s they have proceeded to lift two conference tournaments. They have also made seven appearances in the NCAA Tournament, the most recent of which came in the year 2013. They are the reigning conference tournament champions as well.


Tennis has been at the head of the queue of sports that the Mississippi Rebels have been very good at playing, especially recently. Men and women tennis has combined to win a total of five regular season conference titles and half a dozen conference tournaments. They have also made it to the NCAA Tournament on more than thirty occasions.

These however aren’t the only sports the Ole Miss Rebels have excelled in. Their teams for both men and women have gone on to lift individual and team honors in others sports like golf, track and field, softball and women’s volleyball. That success has earned them a very special place in the hearts of sports fans in general and their own fans in particular. The time has come for them to step up and add a few more chapters to what is already an impressive legacy. The strive to be the best at all that they do continues to gather momentum this season as well which adds more excitement for the upcoming games.


Did You Know?

  • Devin Britton was the first ever Rebels tennis star to lift the NCAA singles title for men.
  • Their football team scored one hundred and fourteen points in a game against the Union College in 1904 which is a university record that still stands today.
  • Their first ever football game was broadcasted in the year 1948.
  • John Vaught remained their football coach for twenty four seasons and led them to post winning records in all but one campaign.
  • Charlie Conerly was the first ever Rebels player to contend for the coveted Heisman trophy.