Milwaukee Bucks Tickets

Milwaukee Bucks will be playing in a newly designed court this season. The old one has been shelved and replaced by a new flashy surface. That, however, isn’t the only change around the place. After a few underwhelming seasons, the owners of the franchise have decided to refine some things up. The Bucks now have a new coaching team led by Larry Drew. He has been handed the task of making the team contenders once again. There are a lot of new faces on the roster as well. A number of players from last season have been let go and replaced by new players in order to make a fresh start. So get ready to be a part of a season that promises to be nothing short of intriguing.



Information Box

Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Number of NBA Titles: One

Number of Division Titles: Thirteen

Milwaukee Bucks have had it rough lately. The good thing is that the think tank seems to have decided that the old way of doing things wasn’t working so a major overhaul is required. And they have taken steps for it immediately. New coaches are hired who will be working with a crop of new players with a lot of potential. The owners are trying to put foundations in place for the long run. How strong the base is, only time will tell. Fans can show their support for the team by buying Milwaukee Bucks tickets. Every party involved has to play their part in order to make this a successful transition back to the top.



The Beginning

Marvin Fishman and Wesley Pavalon led a consortium to get an NBA franchise for Milwaukee. Their hard work paid off in the year 1968 when the league approved an expansion team for the city. Their first season on the whole didn’t provide too much to boast about but that wasn’t too surprising considering the fact they were new to the sport.


Major Success

However, Milwaukee Bucks didn’t take too long to make a mark on the league and posted a winning record in their second season. More was to come and in 1970-1971 season, Bucks went 66-16 and were crowned division champions.  They won their first conference title the same season. Facing them in the NBA finals were Baltimore Bullets who lost 4-0 to bring Milwaukee its first ever NBA championship.


They won division titles for the next three seasons and a conference championship as well in 1974. They capped off a very successful decade by clinching their fifth division crown of the decade in 1976. The Bucks then went on to win for their division for seven straight years between 1980 and 1986. The wheels came off the Milwaukee Bucks juggernaut after that season and what followed was a prolonged period of mediocrity.


1990’s Till Now

The Bucks did manage to record five winning seasons after 1986 but had seven straight losing seasons between 1992 and 1998. Things picked up pace again and the Milwaukee Bucks posted a winning season in 1999. That was followed by them winning their thirteenth and last division title in the year 2001. Only four out of the next twelve campaigns saw them post winning seasons on the board.


The downturn in the team’s form has prompted the owners to make big changes from top to bottom. The team is young and they are expected to get better. If everyone sticks together then there is no reason why the Bucks can’t turn things around because they certainly have got the potential. They have got nothing to lose but everything to win and that makes the next few years, starting this season, highly intriguing to watch.

Did You Know?

  • The most games won by them in a single season are 66.
  • The Bucks NBA title win in 1971 made them the fastest expansion team to clinch the title.
  • They were the first ever NBA team to win record 60 games in a season for three straight years.
  • Over fourteen thousand people voted in the contest held to pick the team’s name when it was incepted.
  • They have ten players inducted into the Hall of Fame.