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Miami Hurricanes are among the best football programs in the country, there aren't too many doubts about that. They have not only produced some of the most iconic players to have ever stepped onto the football field but have also given the football fraternity countless moments to cherish over the years. With the new season now not too far away, the preparations have already began to once again reach the top. Their fans are excited which means they will once again be buying Miami Hurricanes tickets to root for their team live.


Miami Hurricanes (Football)


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The Hurricanes enjoy a huge fan base in and out the Miami region. They are known for their power play and the team has projected a tactical superiority over their competitors at various occasions.
The Beginning
The tema first stepped on to the football field way back in the year 1926, as the representatives of the University of Miami. Rollins College was the opponent for their first ever game on 23 October, 1926.  Hurricanes came out on top in that game in front of a meager crowd of just over three hundred fans.
Miami Hurricanes became a varsity football program next year and once again came up against Rollins. Hurricanes won that game by a score of thirty nine to three. They began to climb the ladder slowly and gradually.  Multiple winning seasons under different coaches were put together over the next few decades. Quite a few bowl appearances also followed to push Hurricanes under the spotlight for good.
National Championships
Miami Hurricanes had quite a lot of accolades by the time 1980's rolled into town. The one thing missing was the big one, the National Championship. Howard Schnellenberger was appointed the coach in 1979 and he announced that he will bring that elusive title to Miami in the next five years.
He began to improve the roster and the playing staff. The form began to pick up and their standings on the AP Poll improved considerably. In 1983, Hurricanes were up against Nebraska for a chance to be crowned the best in the country. In what turned out to be an epic encounter, fortunes swung back and forth between the two sides. In the end it was Miami Hurricanes that held their nerve and came out on top to lift their first National Championship.
Schnellenberger left his post after the season but not before laying the foundations for Hurricanes to become one of the most dominant forces in collegiate football. They were crowned national champions twice in 1987 and 1989 to cap off a memorable decade. Two more titles followed in 1991 and 2001 to cement Hurricanes at the top of the ladder.
The Legacy
Apart from being crowned best collegiate football team in the country, Miami Hurricanes have also made it to thirty four postseason bowl games, winning eighteen. They have also won nine conference titles. Hurricanes have produced thirty five Consensus All-Americans and two Heisman Trophy winners too. Six former players have made their way to the prestigious Hall of Fame. Not only that, but on the AP National Poll Championships of all time, Hurricanes are on the fourth spot.
  • Did you Know?


  • Al Carapella was the first ever Miami Hurricanes All- American.
  • Ottis Anderson was the first Miami Hurricanes running back to run over one thousand yards in a season.
  • Bill Bodenheimer came up with the “U” logo in the year 1973.
  • All five of Miami's National Championships have come on odd years.
  • Miami Hurricanes played in the first ever Orange Bowl in 1935.