Miami Dolphins Tickets

A crowd of more than twenty thousand witnessed some strong offence and defense from Dolphins in the last game held at Sun Life Stadium. The game didn't start off so well but the team quickly made up for that by performing well in the rest of the game. With that, Dolphins and the fans are even more excited for the upcoming games now that they know that they can perform even better. With a whole lineup of thrilling games lined up this season, no Dolphin fan would dare miss these one on ones.

Team Name:

Miami Dolphins

Team Colors:

Aqua, white, orange and navy

Team Nickname:

The Fins

Dolphins Back in the Day

Miami Dolphins is one of the oldest professional football teams in the United States and has a tie up with Atlanta Falcons who began playing around the same time as the Dolphins. The team began playing in 1966 as a part of American Football League and was the first team to be formed in a long time in the region since Miami Seahawks. It joined NFL at the time of the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 after using a boarding school as its training and practice facility.


Super Bowl VI was the first one in which Miami Dolphins made an appearance. The game was lost to Dallas Cowboys. 1972 was a glorious year for the team as it accomplished a ‘perfect regular season'. Starting from all 14 regular season wins, Dolphins won both the NFL playoffs and ended up winning the Super Bowl VII. Few teams have managed to reach this record. The team appeared in and won Super Bowl VIII as well, hence, making two more brilliant records; appearing in three consecutive Super Bowls and winning two of them back to back. The team has also made appearances in two more Super Bowls but has failed to win both. Dolphins' all time winning record including 22 NFL appearances, 13 Division Championships and 5 Conference Championships.

Don Shula and Dan Marino

Don Shula coached the team for a significant period of time and made history. He is the most successful coach Dolphins has ever had because of a record of total wins. Only two out of 26 seasons with Shula saw losing games. Six of the Dolphins players from the period of Shula got inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. Dan Marino is another noteworthy name in the history of Miami Dolphins; a passer who led his team to 10 playoff appearances, 5 Division titles and a Super Bowl, making a number of passing records in the league.

Dolphins at the Sun Life Stadium

Located in Miami Gardens, Florida, Sun Life Stadium is the revered home stadium of Miami Dolphins where the team has played since 1987. The stadium is also home to the football team of University of Miami Hurricanes and previously to Florida Marlins. In addition, this state-of-the-art facility has also hosted Super Bowl games, BCS National Championship Games, World Series and Orange Bowl.

From the Stands

It's not just a few decades; Miami Dolphins have been attracting hundreds and thousands of fans for this intense spectator sport. The team's performance has always been exceptional and has succeeded in maintaining a steady stream of wins. Miami Dolphins tickets were at the height of their popularity in the era of Dan Marino and Don Shula. But even today, this commodity remains to be the best thing you can get in South Florida. Everyone knows what a great team it is but you get to appreciate the team's performance by watching them from the stands and cheering for them.

Interesting Facts about the Dolphins

  1. Miami Dolphins was founded by Joe Robbie, an attorney/politician and Danny Thomas, an actor/comedian.
  2. T.D., Dolfan Denny and Flipper have been the Dolphin's mascots. Currently it is T.D.
  3. Cheerleaders of the team are known as Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders that debuted as ‘Dolphins Starbrites' in 1978.
  4. The first fight song for the team was composed by Lee Ofman in 1972 and later by T-Pain and Jimmy Buffett ft. Pitbull.  
  5. Before Sun Life Stadium, the team played in Miami Orange Bowl.