Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tickets

One of the most watched motorsports in North America, the Monster Jam has enthralled millions of fans and continues to bring exciting races and high flying stunts to the audiences. The series has garnered immense fame over the years and has now expanded to other parts of the world including Europe, South America, and Canada. The Monster Jam events are highly televised all over the US and also enjoy record setting live attendance by people of all ages. This season, the Monster Jam’s Maple Leaf Tour will hit racing arenas in London, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Dartmouth. The tour is expected to bring top monster trucks and drivers to the shows.

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Event: Monster Jam

Type: Motorsport

Tour: Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour

Monster Jam Series


Currently the Monster Jam is the premier and largest monster truck event. It is organized by various promoters such as Monster Nation, Extreme Monster Truck Nationals, Major League of Monster Trucks and the highly famous Feld Motor Sports. The events are sanctioned by the United States Hot Rod Association in the US. The Monster Jam shows are held throughout the year. Different series have different formats and mostly include racing and freestyle competitions. Most freestyle events include donut contests as well as wheelie competitions.


Monster Trucks


During the late 1970s, the sports of truck-pulling and mud bogging gained popularity, which led to the rise in audience’s interest in modified pickup trucks. Participants of the sports began building customized trucks to compete in various competitions. In 1981, Bob Chandler created what is now believed to be the first monster truck. He drove his monstrous truck, named Bigfoot, over several cars, crushing them with ease. Later, Bob repeated this stunt in front of a larger crowd and gave birth to a new kind of motorsport that has now evolved to become Monster Jam.


Now, Monster Trucks have become highly sophisticated vehicles and can crush most of man-made barriers such as small airplanes and buses. The trucks are therefore equipped with remote shut-down switches to prevent accidents.


World Championship


The Monster Jam tour begins in late winter every year and culminates with Word Finals in March. The World Finals are held in Las Vegas, where the top monster trucks compete in highly exciting matches. The World Finals are divided into two categories; Racing and Freestyle. The reigning ‘Racing Champion’ is Adam Anderson and his monster truck Grave Digger The Legend, where as Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction) and is the current ‘Freestyle World Champion’.


Monster Jam Live


Even though the Monster Jam events enjoy huge television ratings, the excitement of watching car-crushing action and high flying monster trucks can truly be enjoyed when seen live. Therefore, every year, thousands of fans flock to the multipurpose racing arenas to catch their favorite drivers and trucks live in action. The events are also famous for their Pit Party, where the fans are allowed to meet the drivers for an autograph and discussion session. With the next Monster Jam tour on its way, the Maple Leaf Monster Jam tickets will be all the rage amongst the fans this season. So make sure to reserve your seat at the adrenaline-pumping events and catch all the action live with your friends and family.


Did You Know...

  1. During the famous Pit Party sessions, the drivers of Monster Jam stay until the last autograph is signed.
  1. The first truck to successfully land a back-flip was Maximum Destruction with driver Tom Meents.
  1. Tom Meents and his monster truck Maximum Destruction were also the first champions of the inaugural Monster Jam World Finals.
  1. The official home of the famous monster truck, the Grave Digger, is located in Poplar Branch and is known as the Diggers Dungeon.
  1. Five officially licensed Monster Jam video games have been produced including the recent ‘Monster Jam: Path of Destruction’, released in 2010.