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Comedy legend, Bill Cosby is among the most loved stars, who is lauded for his talent and down to earth persona. Hailed as one of the most influential US personalities, Bill Cosby has touched many lives, be it through his humanitarian causes, his live performances or appearances in television shows, films and commercials. In his 51 years career, the artist has never resorted to lowbrow comedy and stays clear of gimmickry. His humor is insightful and always gives a message, which is why he’s an icon for the adults and children alike. The ‘national treasure’, as called by the critics, has embarked on a tour and will be performing live in multiple cities. Bill Cosby tickets are in great demand as the fans can’t wait to attend his stand-up comedy shows.

Artist: Bill Cosby

Talents: Actor, Musician, Comedian, Producer, Author

Awards: Multiple Emmys and Grammy Awards

Young Cosby – An All-rounder

Growing up in Philadelphia, early on in his life Bill Cosby created an image for himself as an all-rounder. In school he held many positions; was the class president, captain of baseball and track & field teams as well as the designated class clown. Later he started taking part in school plays and always an over-achiever, enrolled in a highly challenging academic school. Besides juggling studies, Cosby also participated in extracurricular activities and was part of football and basketball teams. However, it soon became a bit too much for him as he was also shouldering other responsibilities like financially supporting his family by working in a supermarket. He quit school and worked at shoe repair shop for some time, until he got bored and decided to join navy. Serving the navy hospital proved to be a life changing experience for him as he faced the realities of life and recognized the importance of education. Hence, he enrolled in Temple University, Philadelphia and earned a degree in physical education.


Bill Cosby – the humorist

Self-made artist, Bill Cosby started his comedy career while he was still in college. He was able to get gigs at various clubs and after his sharp wit and humor earned appreciation from people, he took his talent to other cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, DC and Las Vegas. Bill Cosby got his big break when he was asked to appear on the ‘Tonight Show’, hosted by Johnny Carson. Following his appearance on the late night comedy show, the superstar earned a record deal with Warner Bros. and released the LP, “Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow...Right!”. Since then most of the comedy albums released by him have been awarded with a Grammy. Hilariously funny, Cosby’s comedy routines are always clean as he refrains from using dirty language or being vulgar. He is perhaps one of those very few African American artists who never talks about racism as he believes that there is no difference between the “white” people and “black” as they see things the same way and are alike. Bill Cosby has developed his own unique style that includes slow drawl and a long pause followed by an unspoken punchline. The artist is famous for his facial expressions and imitations he does of other people. Over the years he has mastered the art of observing mannerisms and leaves the audience in laughter fits with his comedic impressions.


Claim to Fame

Bill Cosby’s acting career started in 1965 with the series “I Spy”, which made him the first African American to bag an Emmy win in the category of “Best Actor”. He won the award for three consecutive years and his performance in the series made it one of the most watched shows. He then starred in the critically acclaimed “The Bill Cosby Show” and its success is mostly attributed to the star’s relaxed charisma. In 1984, the artist came up with the “Outstanding Comedy Series”, The Cosby Show, that has been credited to singlehandedly revive the sitcom genre. The show ran for eight seasons and won multiple Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and People’s Choice Awards. He also hosted the show “Kids Say the Darndest Things” that made people laugh for four seasons.


Bill Cosby - the legend

After a period of 30 years, Bill Cosby will be starring in a stand-up special titled “Bill Cosby: Far from Finished” which is scheduled to air in November on Comedy Central. Through his infectious humor and comedy, the legend has transcended cultural barriers, gender and age, changing people for the better through his interpretation of life. The multitalented artist has set the benchmark on how to measure success.

Did You Know…

  1. Bill Cosby is a huge DC United fan.
  2. Cosby has been going to Ben's Chili Bowl restaurant in Washington since 1959 and his voice is used in a message the owners have recorded for the restaurant calls.
  3. In 2009 Cosby was awarded Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
  4. Cosby’s name is included in ‘The 100 Greatest African Americans’, a book by Molefi Kete Asante.
  5. Cosby has authored 12 books.