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After being bought by Shahid Khan in the year 2012, the Jacksonville Jaguars have taken a new direction. They now have a new coach and a new General Manager in place to kick start a new era in Jags football. To top it off, they will also be making a few trips to England to play in a series of games over the next four years. Moreover, Jags’ upcoming season is bringing a lot of anticipation with it considering the team’s performance in the previous seasons. These are interesting times for Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans, one they should look forward to with optimism.


Jacksonville Jaguars

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Jackson de Ville

Jacksonville Jaguars are looking forward to get a strong foothold in NFL. With a new owner and a new coach in place, they are in a bit of a transitional phase right now. The Jags have been taking it one step at a time and resisting the urge to make a lot of changes all at the same time. Patience is the key here and fans will need to stick by their team to make it all work out like they want to. So if you are a Jags supporter then this is your chance to grab Jacksonville Jaguars tickets and make your way to the stadium to root for your favorite team live.

The Beginnings

The city of Jacksonville has had a very long association with American Football. It has played host to the Gator Bowl for years now and has also been home to some WFL, AFA and USFL teams. Before the formation of the Jags, the city’s leadership had tried to convince owners of other NFL teams to move their franchises to Jacksonville. The biggest attempt was made to entice Robert Irsay’s Baltimore Colts to re-locate to the city. Although that attempt didn’t really work out, it still did enough to show that people in Jacksonville were serious about bringing NFL to the city.

NFL comes to Jacksonville

It was in the year 1989 that a group by the name of Touchdown Jacksonville! was formed to make the dream of bringing NFL football to the city. When NFL announced their plans on expanding the league by another two teams, the Touchdown Jacksonville! team saw it as their chance. After overcoming some hiccups, an NFL team was awarded to Jacksonville in the year 1993.

Play Begins

Jacksonville Jaguars took to the football field for the first time in the year 1995. They finished their inaugural campaign with 4-12-0 record but things improved considerably next year as they went 9-7-0. The record was good enough to land them their first ever playoff spot. Jags went all the way to the conference championship where they came up short against the Patriots. They made it to the postseason once again in 1997.

It was in 1998 that Jags got their hands on a first major championship. That year they posted a more than decent record of 11-5-0 to clinch their first division title. Next season witnessed more improvement as the Jacksonville Jaguars went 14-2-0 to win their second division championship in succession.

Post 1999 Till Now

The franchise didn’t join the postseason festivities for the next half a dozen seasons before getting there once again in 2005. Another playoff appearance followed in 2007. There hasn’t been any more yet. Shahid Khan entered the frame in 2012 and bought the team. Khan is a rags to riches story so if there is anyone who knows how to climb the ladder one step at a time, it is him. Things are looking up for Jags since the change and in no time the team will be making itself heard once again with all the potential they’ve got.


Did You Know?

  • The last expansion, prior to the Jags and Panthers joining the NFL, took place in the year 1976.
  • Tom Coughlin was their first head coach.
  • Coughlin is the only Jags coach to have a record exceeding .500.
  • Tony Boselli was their first ever draft pick.
  • Mark Brunell became their first ever expansion draft pick.