Indianapolis Colts Tickets

Geared up for this season's NFL battle, Indianapolis Colts are preparing in their training camps to rise as winners once again. With the announcement of this season's roster, Colts are ready to go head to head with the biggest rivals in the field. Besides playing in their home field, Colts will be visiting other arenas as part of the playoff schedule. Among other teams with whom Colts will compete, Tennessee Titans, New Your Giants and Buffalo Bills are on the list. Buckle up for some thrilling live action as this year's NFL will give tough time to all.


Indianapolis Colts

Home Ground:

Lucas Oil Stadium


Division (14), Conference (7), League (3), Super Bowl (2)

Indianapolis Colts- An Overview

Colts are listed among the behemoths of the sport as the team has made their mark in the sport a long time ago. Formed as Boston Yanks in 1944, the team assumed different names from New York Yanks to Baltimore Colts before they settled in Indiana as Indianapolis Colts. Since its formation, the team has won many Division, Conference and League titles including two Super Bowl championships. Colts have been performing superbly in the recent years and has emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

Lean Patch and Some Success

Although the team was founded a long ago but it took them a while to get going. As Baltimore Colts in 1953, the team started to experience some success. The first major victory came when they won NFL and Conference cups in 1958. Next year turned out to be another successful one and the team went on to win another NFL and Conference title. Colts bagged one Division, two Conference and one League championship before the next decade came to a close.

Peak Years

The decade of 70s proved to be the golden period for the team as Colts experienced huge success and made various playoff appearances. 1970 marked the remarkable victory of the team as they made their treble by winning Division, Conference and Super Bowl trophies. Throughout the 1970s, the team bagged four Conference titles and made five successful playoff appearances.

Brief Drought and Winning Ways

Colts experienced a playoff drought in 1980s and won the only Division title in 1987. But this didn't shatter the team's confidence and they returned to the winning ways in 1990s. The start of the new century marked a new chapter of success in the history of the team as Colts made eleven playoff appearances and secured six Division crowns. 2006 turned out a great year for the team as they won their second Super Bowl title along with Division and Conference championships. After the last year's playoff, Colts are prepared for this year's NFL season.

Current Happenings

The current year brings new challenges for the team. Their checklist has expanded and practice gets tougher as this season's bout will pit some of the big names in the sport. But the team's spirits are high and they are ready to turn their dreams into reality. One of the goals of this season's training camp is to upgrade their defense and improve the offensive line as the team doesn't want to leave any loopholes in the preparation. Fans are all pumped up and are encouraging their team during the training sessions. Indianapolis Colts tickets are selling fast as fans can't wait to see their favorite team in action. This season's encounter will surely be full of thrill and excitement!

Did You Know…

  1. Colts made a League record by making nine playoff appearances in a row.
  2. Former Colt Eric Dickerson is listed among top five team players and is a Pro Football Hall of Famer.
  3. Blue- An anthropomorphic horse is the official mascot of the Colts.
  4. Lucas Oil Stadium is the home field of Colts since 2008 with the seating capacity of over 67, 000 spectators.
  5. Colts-Patriots rivalry is one of the most famous rivalries of the American Football.