Indiana Hoosiers Tickets

The Indiana Hoosiers are one of the most famous athletics programs in the country. They have been prominent in more than one sport over the years and that has stamped their place among the elite. To do what they have done and achieve all that they have over the course of their illustrious history takes something special. With the latest season now underway this is their chance to make their mark on intercollegiate sports once again. If their history is any indication then it will take a very brave man to bet against them reaching the top this time around as well.

Name: Indiana Hoosiers

Institution: Indiana University Bloomington

Competition Level: NCAA Division I

For more than a century, different athletic teams representing Indiana University Bloomington have gone on to win all that their respective sports have to offer. At present the Indiana Hoosiers are one of the most prestigious athletic programs in the country, and rightly so. They have been a serious force to be reckoned with over the years and with the new season now going on, they will be looking to place themselves at the pinnacle yet again. Fans have once again started to buy Indiana Hoosiers tickets in big numbers to root for their favorite teams live at stadiums and arenas around the country.


Indiana Hoosiers football program dates all the way back to the year 1887 when a professor Arthur B. Woodward became the catalyst that brought football to the university. That is how the Indiana Hoosiers football program kicked off. Over the years they have gone on to produce half a dozen Consensus All-Americans while winning two conference titles. They have also appeared in nine postseason bowl games over the years.

Men’s Basketball

The Indiana Hoosiers have always had one of the most formidable men’s basketball programs in the country. They were third on the list of the most valuable programs in the country as per a survey conducted in the year 2012. The Hoosiers have won the regular season conference title twenty one times while making it to the NCAA Tournament on thirty seven occasions. They have made it to the last four eight times on their way to winning the tournament on five occasions. With that, they now rank among the most successful men’s basketball programs today.


As far as soccer goes, the Hoosiers are head and shoulders above most other programs due to all that they have won over the course of their illustrious history. They have won the conference fourteen times while lifting the conference tournament on a dozen occasions. Not only that, but they have made it to the NCAA Tournament at the end of thirty eight seasons. Six of those have resulted in runner up spot while the Hoosier’s men’s soccer teams have also got their hands on the national championship eight times.


The Indiana Hoosiers have established a legacy that they and their fans can really be proud of. They have landed a whopping twenty four team national titles. They have also produced an even more impressive one hundred and forty one individual athletes who have gone on to be crowned the best in the country. As far as the Big Ten title count goes, various Hoosier teams have gone on to lift a combined total of one hundred and sixty seven of those. Their Big Ten Tournament count stands at sixteen. This is a history that has seen their popularity skyrocket and that is exactly what has brought their ranking among the best in the business.

Did You Know?

  • Their men’s basketball program has five NCAA Tournament wins which puts them in third spot of programs with most titles.
  • As far as the NCAA Tournament count goes, they are sixth on the list in men’s basketball.
  • Their eight men’s soccer national titles put them in the second spot among programs with most victories.
  • Their soccer program also has the distinction of winning more games than any other soccer program in Division I.
  • Their eighteen men’s soccer College Cup appearances are also the most by any other team in history.