Houston Texans Tickets

The Houston Texans are now well into their preseason training. New faces have also joined the ranks to join in the rigors of these high energy sessions. The defense was to be one of the first things the coaching staff was to sort out. It has turned out to be exactly like that. After a magnificent 2011, the defense let the team down on more than one occasion.  It wasn't expected and it is being worked on. Fans of the team certainly have their hopes high and they are expected to once again buy Houston Texans tickets and do what they can to see their favorites on top.

Name: Houston Texans

First Title: 2011(Division)

Mascot: Toro

The Houston Texans have made big strides since their formation just over a decade ago. Yes, it took them a few years to get going but that wasn't too surprising since they were the new kids on the block. They now have, in a lot of people's eyes, a squad to rival any other. There is severe competition for places and every spot on the playing team is up for grabs. Big things are expected of them in the new season. Their fans certainly have their hopes high and they are expected to once again buy Houston Texans tickets to cheer on their team.
Houston and Football
June 1997 witnessed a huge change in the U.S. football landscape. The Houston Oilers management decided to re-locate the franchise to Tennessee. The news came as a huge shock to everyone in the city as football fans in Houston were to be without their own team for the first time since 1959.
Bob McNair had been campaigning for hockey to come to Houston but the departure of Oilers changed his mind and he decided to do something about it. Houston NFL Holdings was formed and he asked his long term ally Steve Patterson to take charge of the company. As part of the 1998 expansion, Cleveland was given a new NFL team. Another expansion was scheduled for next year in which Los Angeles got the nod from the NFL.
As luck would have it there were two rival bids for the LA franchise so it was left to the city to determine who will own the team. It didn't work out like that and a stand-off between the two parties heading the rival bids ensued.  In October, 1999 McNair and NFL Holdings offered to pay a whopping seven hundred million dollars. NFL accepted the bid and sanctioned an expansion franchise for Houston instead of Los Angeles.
The Beginning of Houston Texans
Houston Texans were scheduled to start playing in the year 2002. The stunning Reliant Stadium was constructed to act as the team's home turf. The name of the team was officially announced in 2000 and Dom Capers was selected as the coach next year.
Texans played their first game at the Reliant Stadium when they went up against the Dallas Cowboys. The home team upset the odds and won the game by outscoring their opponents by nineteen points to ten. The season however on the whole wasn't too successful.
Houston Texans began to move forward gradually. Changes were made to the roster and the coaching team and all that hard work paid off when they clinched the division title in 2011 while going all the way to qualifying for the postseason for the first time in their history. 2012 saw Texans chalk up twelve wins against four losses, their best record till date. Not only that, but they successfully defended their division title as well.
The double success of the last two years has put them in an ideal position to break the shackles and move on to the next level. They have the squad to do that. Texans are at a very important juncture right now and things are looking up. Whether they realize the potential or not remains to be seen and that is what makes the season coming up so fascinating for their fans.

Interesting Facts

  • Houston Texans are only the second expansion team in NFL history to win their first game.
  • The Reliant Stadium is the first NFL ground to come up with a retractable roof.
  • Houston Texans have never lost to Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears.
  • Tony Boselli was the Houston Texans first ever expansion draft pick.
  • Houston Texans won two successive games for the first time in 2004.