Golden State Warriors Tickets

The Golden State Warriors had more than just a decent last season. After underperforming for a few years, they finally posted a 47-35 season; their first winning record in five years. It has been a long, hard journey but all the pieces of the puzzle finally look to be falling into place. They are now being considered a genuine threat for other teams. The likes of Steph Curry, Andrew Bogut, and Draymond Green will be complimented by their new recruit Andre Iguodala. It promises to be another fascinating ride for everyone associated with the Warriors so hold on tight and get ready for another exciting season.



Information Box

Team: Golden State Warriors

Number of NBA Titles: Two

Number of Conference Titles: Six

Golden State Warriors are the dark horses of the latest season. They have a roster good enough to beat most teams in the league. The way they went about their offseason business was a sure sign on this intent. Expectations are high and that is having a huge impact off the court as well. They have sold more Golden State Warriors tickets this time around than any other time in the team’s history. The Warriors played in front of a jam-packed crowd for thirty eight games straight at home last season and those numbers are expected to improve even further this time around. This might turn out to be a record-breaking season both on the court as well as off it.


The Beginning

Golden State Warriors trace their history back to 1946. They were incepted as Philadelphia Warriors and played in the BAA. They didn’t take too long to get going and proceeded to clinch the conference as well as the league title in their inaugural season.  They followed that up by winning another conference crown next year which turned out to be their last championship as a BAA team.


The move to NBA and Success

The Warriors then made the switch to the National Basketball Association (NBA) when the Basketball Association of American was converted into the new league. It was in the year 1956 that the Warriors made their mark as an NBA franchise for the first time. In what turned out to be a historic season, ended with the team winning both the conference as well as the league championship.


Move to San Francisco

The Warriors didn’t achieve any tangible success for the next six years before ownership changed hands in 1962. The new management decided to shift the team to San Francisco and named them San Francisco Warriors. The team went on to win its fourth conference crown in 1964. Another one came three years later.


The Golden State Warriors

The team relocated again in 1971 and shifted to the Golden State. They were subsequently named the Golden State Warriors following that move. The Warriors made their presence felt four seasons later. They went to lift their first division title that year. Not only that, but they also got their hands on another conference as well as the NBA title that season. They managed to retain their division championship next year as well.


Post 1976 Till Now

The Golden State Warriors were on the cusp of something really special in the early 70’s but unfortunately things didn’t pan out the way they had hoped for. Their form began to suffer and they spent a lot of inactive time after 1976. They made it to the playoffs a few times but no championships were won. It is the current squad that has given renewed hope to fans that their favorite team is about to rise once again. The 47-35 record posted last season was the first step in that direction. If they translate the potential they have on the court then there is no limit to what the Warriors can achieve this season.



Did You Know?

  • They are one of only three NBA chartered teams playing today.
  • They have had eighteen Hall of Famers over the years.
  • Their home, the Oracle Arena is the biggest NBA arena in California in terms of seating capacity.
  • It is also the oldest NBA venue.
  • Their 1947 BAA championship made them the first team to win the title since that was also the league’s inaugural season.