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Detroit Lions are an NFL team that has been trying to get to the top of the mountain for quite a few years now. A lot of work is now being done behind the scene to bring glory back days back to the Motor City. Lions at one point in time very successful but for one reason or another, their form pummeled and the rot that set in has continued till this day. Having said that, there are a few new faces on the roster that gives their fans renewed optimism for the new season and that is arguably the reason Detroit Lions tickets are so sought after by their fans.



Detroit Lions


Roary the Lion

First League Title:


Detroit has had a long association with American Football. The sport first came to the city when a team by the name of Heralds started to play in the year 1905 as an independent football side. The side was then converted into Detroit Tigers in 1921 but they didn't last part the midseason before going out of business. Detroit then had two more sides, the Panthers (1925-1926) and Wolverines that came to the fore in the year 1928.
The Beginning
Detroit Lions were formed as Portsmouth Spartans in 1929. They proceeded to make their mark on the sport immediately which eventually led them to the top of the league table in 1932 alongside Chicago Bears. To separate the tie, a game was played between the two which is widely considered to be the first ever playoff game in the sport's history.
The Great Depression then started to hurt the team off the field so a decision was taken to sell them to a consortium from Detroit. That group re-located Spartans to the Motor City and the name was then changed to Detroit Lions in 1934.
Hits and Misses
Lions didn't take too long to stamp their authority and won their first division title in 1935 along with the league championship. The momentum wasn't carried forward however and Lions form went down in a hurry. It was the start of 1950's that they once again began to make all the right noises. Lions won four division titles between 1952 and 1957 with the first three coming in successive years. Not only, that but they also won an impressive three league crowns to cap off a memorable decade.
Current Position
Detroit Lions went through another barren spell that has more or less continued to this day.  The franchise made it to the postseason on ten occasions after that. They have only managed to win three division titles since those heady days of 1950's. A lot of hard work has been put in through the years to make them contend for the biggest prizes in the sport once again. With the new season now too far away now this is their chance to show what they are truly made of in what promises another epic campaign.

Did You Know?

  • Detroit Lions first home ground was the Universal Stadium.
  • Over five hundred thousand fans bought Detroit Lions tickets to catch their team play at their current home stadium, the Ford Field in 2012.
  • Detroit Lions have never played a Super Bowl game.
  • The blue color of their logo was selected by Lions first VP and GM, Cy Huston.
  • Az-Zahir Hakim was the first ever player to score a touchdown at the Ford Field.