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With Brian Shaw as their new head coach, Denver Nuggets will be looking to add a new chapter to their legacy. Nuggets have been relatively consistent as far as the division goes but the other two titles, the conference and the NBA has always eluded them. They will be hoping that the change in coach and the playing roster will turn things around. Whether that actually happens remain to be seen. But one thing is for certain, the latest campaign will be one full of twists and turns for everyone associated with Nuggets.



Information Box

Team: Denver Nuggets

Number of Division Titles: Ten

Mascot: Rocky the Mountain Lion

Denver Nuggets are about to enter a new era of leadership. They now have a new coach and a few new faces on the roster. For a team that has been quite consistent in terms of winning the division, it has become a source of immense frustration that the conference and the league title have eluded them entirely. They are hoping the situation changes soon. Fans will need to play their part in this as well and there is no better way to do that than buying Denver Nuggets tickets to root for the team live.


The Start

It was in the year 1967 when a chartered ABA team was transferred to a Kansas consortium. The management failed to find a venue for the team in Kansas and that is when George Mikan stepped in. As commissioner of the league, he asked the team to be moved to Denver. Since the group didn’t have a lot of finances, they were forced to sell the team to Bill Ringsby, a trucking businessman, shortly after the team’s relocation to Denver. That is when the name of the team was changed from Denver Larks to Denver Rockets.


Denver Nuggets didn’t take too long to make their mark in the league and won a division title in 1970. The team was bought by new owners in the year 1972 and two years later the name was changed to its current one in anticipation of the impending move to the NBA. They won another division title in 1975 before ownership changed hands once again. They followed that up with their third and last division title as an ABA team in the year 1976.


Move to NBA

Denver Nuggets joined NBA post 1976 season. They started off from where they had left off in the ABA and clinched two division titles in succession in 1977 and 1978. They hit a bit of a lean patch that lasted around seven years before things got back on track. In 1985, Nuggets won their third division championship as a NBA team and then another one three years later in 1988.


Tough Times and Improvement

What followed the 1988 division winning exploits was an extended period where the team won no championships. That drought lasted close to two decades. The management however was doing all it could to change the team’s fortunes around and all the pieces began to fall in place once again in the middle of 2000’s. Nuggets went on to be crowned division champions for the fifth time as an NBA team in the year 2006. Another three years followed where they didn’t win anything but  things got better afterwards when the team won the division title twice in 2009 and 2010.


Denver Nuggets have been one of the top teams in the league when it comes to qualifying for the playoffs or fighting for the division championship. They have gone close to winning the conference a few times as well but have never played for NBA title in their history. The last time they competed for the league was during their last ABA campaign. The time has come for them to get rid of the jinx and who knows they might just be able to pull it off sooner than most people think.

Did You Know?

  • Bill Ringsby bought two third controlling stakes in the team for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
  • Their home arena, the Pepsi Center has the biggest scoreboard in all of NBA.
  • The Pepsi Center hosts around two hundred events annually.
  • The arena’s construction cost was over one hundred and eighty million dollars.
  • Nuggets hold the distinction of being Colorado’s first ever professional sports team.