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Cleveland Indians are now on second spot in the division standings. The Detroit Tigers lead the line but Indians are breathing down their necks to get the top spot. They have just swept past Chicago White Sox to keep the momentum going. Indians, have now won eleven straight games at their home turf and things are looking good. There is a lot of intrigue surrounding the team which has enticed a lot of people to buy Cleveland Indians tickets to see where their favorite team ends up.


Cleveland Indians



First Pennant


Cleveland Indians are among the oldest, most historic baseball teams in North America. From the time they first made their way to the ballpark well over a century ago to this very day, they have won all that there is to be won in the sport and that too multiple times over. They have started the current season pretty well so who knows where they might end up at the end of the regular season or better yet, the playoffs. The intrigue surrounding the team has enticed a lot of people to buy Cleveland Indians tickets and who can blame them?
Historical Background
The City of Cleveland has a history with baseball that dates back to mid 1800's. During that time the sport was a constant source of entertainment and joy for the people who used to play baseball games in squares around the place. Then came the arrival of Cincinnati Red Stockings on the stage. Their success played a big part in making Cleveland one of the very first cities to start professional baseball.
Cleveland Indians as they are known today came to the forefront for the first time in 1900. They were named “Lake Shores” and were among on the amateur American League's roster. They turned into a major league side one year later as an America League's chartered franchise with the name being changed to Cleveland Bluebirds.
The name was again changed in 1902, this time to Cleveland Broncos and then to Cleveland Naps in the year 1903. That remained the case for eleven years before the team was once again renamed and that name has stuck to this day.
Early Struggles and Success
It took Cleveland Indians quite a while to get going. A lot of changes were made to the coaching team as well as the playing roster. Players like Tris Speaker, Jim Bagby and Stan Coveleski were brought onboard and that began to turn the team's fortunes around. Indians clinched their first pennant in 1920 and followed that up, going all the way to lifting the World Series title that year as well.
The season however didn't help the team gain consistency and their form went downwards for the next twenty eight years.  The heights the team saw in 1920, were reached once again in the year 1948 as the Indians won both the pennant and the World Series crown. They won another pennant in 1954 and that was just about as good as it got for the next four decades or so.
Another Rise
Things began to look up again for Cleveland Indians in mid 1990's as they did the pennant and division double in 1995. It was a start of a pretty consistent period of success for the Indians. The team won four more division titles and a pennant before the decade came to a close. The first decade of the next millennium saw them being crowned on two more occasions.
They are doing good as it is in the campaign that is now underway. With the kind of talent they have on their roster and positive play this might turn out to be the season that takes them to the top once again.
Cleveland Indians began to play their home games at the League Park at the time of inception. From there, they moved to the Cleveland Stadium where they stayed from 1934 to 1993. That was followed by another re-location, this time to their current ballpark, the Progressive Field.

Things to Know

  • Cleveland Indians broke the color barrier in AL by signing Larry Dobby in 1947.
  • Cleveland Indians are also affectionately known as The Tribe.
  • Cleveland Indians played their first game as a major league team on 29th April, 1901 against Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Cleveland Indians have captured the AL Central division crown on seven occasions. No other team has won it more times than that.
  • Cleveland Indians first home arena the League Park opened its doors for the first time on 1st May, 1891.