Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

It seems that Marvin Lewis has finally driven the “Cincinnati Bengals” to the victory line. Winning at least nine games in the last three out of four seasons, and now playing in the consecutive postseasons after a while, Cincinnati Bengals have surely started to mark their presence on the field. Having Andy Dalton as a solid quarterback and with defense ranking at number six on NFL classifications, Cincinnati Bengals have raised the hopes of their fans. Simply making the playoffs, which used to be enough for this team at one point in time, is neither sufficient nor enough. This breed of Bengals is out for blood, no second opinions on that!


Cincinnati Bengals

Division Championships:

5 AFC Central Championships (1970, 1973, 1981, 1988, 1990); 2 AFC North Championships (2005, 2009)

Conference Championships:

2 AFC Championships in 1981and 1988

 Then and Now
The Cincinnati Bengals were founded in 1966 by the former Cleveland Browns head coach Paul Brown who stayed with the team until 1975. The Bengals were formed as a member of American Football League (AFL). The name of the team comes from an earlier namesake team which used to play in the late thirties and early forties. It is also a sign of deference towards Paul Brown's Massillon roots, where he used to coach a high school team, called "Tigers".
Now the Cincinnati Bengals is a professional American football franchise, and member of the American Football Conference's (AFC) and North Division of the National Football League (NFL). Their current head coach is Marvin Lewis; it is his eleventh season with the team and he has already been signed for two more years as the head coach.
The Pluses
The Cincinnati Bengals have a strong core of under-25 players, who are not only exceptional athletes with their strength and stamina, but also have the potential to literally redefine the dynamics of Bengals' game. This particular point makes the team one of the best in NFL, and a potential contender for victory this season.
The recent camps have also led the Bengals to better draft their defense as well. With Andy Dalton and A. J. Green on the quarterback-receiver ends, the team's defense is likely to be quite dreadful again in the upcoming NFL season. Many NFL analysts are considering the Cincinnati Bengals tough competition in this season, even for the best of teams. Who knows, this might be the year when Cincinnati Bengals might actually seize the championship title this year!
Rollercoaster for this season
The Bengals are up for the toughest opening stretch during the first five weeks of this season and even more so in the first three weeks. Home games against Pittsburg, Green Bay and New England, followed by away games against Chicago and Cleveland will give Cincinnati Bengals quite a hard time in keeping up their performance. The last month of the season is no cake for the team either. Games against San Diego and Pittsburgh combined with the matches with three playoffs teams from 2012 will be a real challenge for the Bengals.
In between these games, there is a four week stretch that will allow the team to catch its breath. In the middle of the season though, three of the four weeks will be spent by the team on the road but will need the break regardless, in order to recharge.
Highlights for this year's NFL season..
If someone is planning to watch the game live, they should get their Cincinnati Bengals tickets now. With the announcement of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Andrew Luck and Big Ben coming to Cincinnati this season, the tickets are more than likely to be out of stock pretty soon. Paul Brown stadium will be serving as the battle arena for the team this year, where either the AFC North championship or a wild card berth would seal the season with the perfect end.

Bengal's fans should also know…

  1. The team's chant is “Who Dey” which is also the name of the mascot for the team, which is a Bangal tiger.
  2. The Bengals' cheerleading squad is called “Cincinnati Ben-Gals” and it has Laura Vikmanis, the oldest cheerleader in the history of league cheerleaders.
  3. The team has been featured on Hard Knocks in 2009, now they will be making an appearance again on this HBO venture.
  4. On Nov 25, 2012, the kicker Mike Nugent tied the match against Oakland with a 55-yard field goal.
  5. In 2010, quarterback Carson Palmer surpassed the record of 581 passes by Jon Kitna, by making 586 passes in one season.