Cincinnati Bearcats Tickets

When Whit Babcock was appointed as the Cincinnati Bearcats Athletics Director, his task was to take the program to the next level. He went about overhauling the entire structure and his shrewd and calculated moves have started to pay dividends. Take the 2012-2013 season for example; The Bearcats went on to clinch another conference title in football and the men’s basketball made it to the NCAA Tournament yet again. They won accolades in golf and track and field as well. If they keep on treading the same path then the future will certainly be bright for the Bearcats.

Athletics Program:

Cincinnati Bearcats

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I


University of Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bearcats will be looking to take another leap towards becoming one of the most formidable collegiate level athletics programs in the country. Consistency is the key here and they have started to get that aspect into their play now which bodes well for the future. The time has come for them to step up to the challenge and the form they are showing will get them going for the long run. Like it happens in sports of all kinds, the backing they get from their fans will count for a lot in their journey to the top. So if you are a fan of this wonderful program, then there is no better way to show that support than buying Cincinnati Bearcats tickets and rooting for them live.


The Cincinnati Bearcats have a pretty strong basketball program. Their teams have been a part of NCAA Tournaments on a regular basis over the years. They have won a whopping twenty six regular season championships and have also lifted the conference tournament title on ten occasions. The Bearcats have made it to the NCAA Tournament twenty seven times on the way to finishing runner up once and winning it on two occasions. With an overall record of over .630 they have cemented their place among the best in the business today.


The Cincinnati Bearcats football program has a history that dates back to the year 1885. They have compiled an overall record above .500 and that is quite good over such a long period of time. The Bearcats also have a dozen conference titles against their name. They have taken part in fourteen postseason bowl games over the years; winning eight out of those.

Bearcats Legacy

The Cincinnati Bearcats have won a total of ten national championships in various sports. They have also lifted a whopping seventy six conference crowns over the course of their illustrious history in sports like men’s basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, women’s soccer, men’s golf, men’s track and field, men’s cross country and women’s basketball.

The groundwork for further success has been laid now. This is the time for the Cincinnati Bearcats to make the most of it. The next few years will go a long way in deciding where the rogram goes from here which adds another few extra flavors to the proceedings.


Did You Know?

  • The Cincinnati Bearcats were one of the Conference USA’s founding members.
  • The Bearcat has been their mascot since 31st October 1914.
  • Bearcats took on Miami in 1888 in what was first intercollegiate football game played in the state of Ohio.
  • They have had ninety players make it to professional ranks.
  • Their football ground, the Nipper Stadium ranks fifth on the list of the oldest college football venues in the country.