Chicago Blackhawks Tickets

The Chicago Blackhawks are a professional ice hockey franchise part of the Central Division in the Western Conference. The team is one of the oldest and most respected teams in the NHL and is part of the original six teams to have been a part of the league when it was formed.


Chicago Blackhawks

Home Arena:

United Center


Joel Quenneville


Jonathan Toews

Famous Wins:

5 Stanley Cups, 3 Conference Championships, 15 Division Championships

The team has a hugely successful track record in the league. Despite a long cup drought that lasted almost forty years, they have finally managed to shake it off and are now resurfacing as a powerhouse in the sport. A testament to this is the fact that they are the current Stanley Cup Champions. To catch the defending champions in action this season, buy Chicago Blackhawks tickets now and get a chance to witness the best hockey action in the country.


The team became part of the NHL in 1926 as part of the league’s first expansion in the US. The franchise was bought by coffee tycoon Frederic McLaughlin who became its first owner. McLaughlin had been a commander in World War 1 and his division had been nicknamed the "Blackhawk Division". This was due to the inclusion of a Native American named Black Hawk in the division. So the team was named the Chicago Blackhawks in honor of that military unit. The team moved into the Chicago Stadium as their home arena and remained in the famous stadium until 1994, when the arena closed down. Since then they have moved to the United Center.

Team Achievements:

The team had a decent first season in the NHL, posting good results despite not winning anything. They won their first major trophy in 1934, when they defeated the Montreal Canadiens 1-0 to win the Stanley Cup. The team replicated their achievement four years later when, despite a 11-25 regular season, they scraped through the playoffs and won the cup against the Toronto Maple Leafs. This remains to date, the worst regular season record for a Stanley Cup winning team. Success eluded the team for the next couple of decades, despite the fact that they were able to make an appearance into the finals a number of times. They surprisingly won the Championship again in 1961, though it was expected they would be eliminated by the dominant Montreal Canadiens, who had easily dispatched them in the first rounds of the playoffs. Following that win, the team suffered a long cup drought that lasted almost forty years. As the expansion era began, various new contenders came to the playing table and the Blackhawks were unable to win the NHL title. However, they did win a number of District titles and Conference Championships. The Blackhawks district record is quite amazing; they have won fifteen titles since the 1969-1970 season. They have also won three conference titles and two President’s Trophies.

Current Situation:

In recent times, the team’s fortunes have taken a turn for the better. They made it to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 1992 during the 2009-2010 season. The team defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in a six match series and won their first Stanley Cup since 1961. The team achieved the feat again in the 2012-2013 season and had a stellar season, in which they won almost all major trophies in the NHL and established several new franchise and NHL records. The team is looking in fine form as they look to retain the title this season. So buy Chicago Blackhawks tickets to catch the Champions in action as they take on the best teams in the NHL.


Interesting Facts:

  1. The Black Hawks were the first NHL team which had an all-American-born lineup.
  2. The team name "Blackhawks" was ambiguous, with questions regarding whether there was space between Black and Hawk. In 1986 “Blackhawks” was officially adopted following the discovery of original documentation.
  3. The Blackhawks have shared stadium space with the Chicago Bulls of the NBA since 1967.
  4. The Black Hawks won their first game in the NHL in 1926 by beating the Toronto St. Patricks 4 to 1.
  5. The Curse of Muldoon was an alleged curse placed on the team in 1938 by former coach Pete Muldoon who said the team would never finish first in the NHL. That remained true until 1967, when in the last Original six season, they finally broke the curse.