Atlanta Falcons Tickets


Atlanta Falcons now have a squad to rival any other in the National Football Conference. A lot of hard work has been put in behind the scenes to finally reach a place from where they can make a concerted push towards the biggest prizes in the sport. The team of Thomas Dimitroff, the general manager and head coach Mike Smith has done pretty well over the last half a decade or so. The future certainly looks bright for the Falcons and everyone associated with them.



Name: Atlanta Falcons
Super Bowls Appearances: 1
First Division Title: 1980
First Conference Title: 1998

Atlanta Falcons are considered one of the most popular franchises of NFL. They have always enjoyed a huge fan following; irrespective of how good or bad they have performed. Looking back at their journey, we can safely say that Falcons represent the spirit of sportsmanship and courage.
Struggles and Success
Atlanta Falcons first stepped on to the football field in the year 1966. It took them a little while to get into the act as they spent the first few years trying to get a foothold in the league. Tommy Nobis was the first ever player to be drafted to the Falcons roster.
The Falcons made it to the playoffs for the first time in the year 1978. Two years later, they went a step further to clinch their first division title. That triumph could have become their launching pad that would take them to new heights. Unfortunately though, it didn't exactly turn out to be the case.  The team's form suffered a lot and an eighteen years long drought followed.
Things began to look up again when they did the division and conference double in 1998.  Falcons went all the way to headline the Super Bowl that year as well. The game itself, however, proved a step too far for them and they came up short against the Broncos on that particular occasion.
Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff Era
The 1998 triumphant season was followed by two more playoff appearances and another division title in 2004.  2008 saw the arrival of Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff to the ranks and that changed the team's fortunes around big time.  
Since then, Falcons have put on board five consecutive winning seasons. They have also topped the table in terms of most wins in the NFC during that time period. On top of that, four trips to playoffs and two division crowns have also been added to the legacy during this time period.
Home Grounds
Atlanta Falcons moved into the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium at the time of their inception in 1966.  It became their home turf all the way till the year 1991. In 1992, the franchise began to play in the imposing Georgia Dome and that has remained the case ever since.
Falcons are scheduled to move into their brand new home the New Falcons Stadium at the end of 2016.  The new facility is expected to accommodate sixty-five thousand fans who can buy Atlanta Falcons tickets to attend a game live. The estimated cost of the entire project is thought to be around a whopping one billion dollars.

Did You Know?

  • The Falcons name was suggested by a school teacher by the name of Miss Julia Elliott.
  • In 1966, the Falcons live Falcon mascot flew. It was found on top of a factory located in Decatur.
  • Atlanta Falcons current run of five straight winning seasons is the first ever in their history. They have never before been able to post five successive winning campaigns.
  • Atlanta Falcons have a heated rivalry with New Orleans Saints. These two teams have faced each other more times than any other team.
  • NFL gave the Atlanta Falcons franchise to Rankin Smith so that he doesn't buy the Miami Dolphins from the rival AFL.