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“Beasts on wheels” is a term that aptly describes what Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam is all about. The sport of Monster Jam has witnessed tremendous surge in popularity from the time it first burst onto the scene. What started as primarily a US based sport has now gone on to capture the imagination of people in multiple countries of the globe. Its latest season has kicked off proceedings so get ready to experience more drama in what promises to be another pulsating campaign.

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Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam

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Sanctioning Body:

United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA)


The sport of Monster Jam traces its roots back to 1970's when some enthusiasts got together and staged an exhibition of sorts to show the world their own vehicles. Then at the end of the decade “Truck-O-Rama,” now known as the United States Hot Rod Association was formed. 
It was in the year 1985 that the first Monster Jam event was held. It was a racing event that brought the sport into the limelight and put it on its way to becoming the phenomenon it is today. Every year, thousands of fans get their hands on Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam tickets to be a part of a season that lives up to the hype every time.
The Format
Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam features two different types of competitions for the fans to enjoy.  The first one is the traditional good old fashioned race where the vehicle that crosses the finish line ahead of rest of the pack is declared the winner.
Then there is the freestyle competition where drivers show their repertoire of skills by making their monster trucks do various tricks.  Three judges rate every performance on a scale of one to ten. Two winners are selected from both racing and freestyle competitions. If the same driver wins both awards then he gets the prestigious Double Down trophy for his efforts.
World Finals
The season long effort of every driver boils down to one thing; the chance to take part in Monster Jam World Finals. This showpiece event is held at the Sam Boyd Stadium every year in order to determine who the best in the sport really is.
The inaugural World Series was held in the year 2000. The crown for racing was won by Tom Meents and his truck Goldberg whereas the freestyle title went to Dennis Anderson and his vehicle Grave Digger. Apart from these two legendary monster trucks, other iconic machines like Maximum Destruction and Batman have also won both or one of the two competitions to play their part in turning the sport into a household name.
Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam has a touring schedule that runs almost all through the year. Majority of events are staged during winters as compared to summers. Now that the sport has broadened its horizons, some of the competitions are also held beyond the borders of the United States in some parts of Canada, Europe, Asia as well as South America.
The Pit Party
The entire experience of being a part of a Monster Jam event is as unique as it gets. There isn't a sport on earth that puts such huge vehicles out there in order to entertain fans. Another aspect that makes these shows so special is the “Pit Party” where fans get to meet the stars of the show, the drivers. A Pit Party is held at the end of the show and it doesn't end until every fan there get the autograph(s) they want.



Did you know?

  • A staggering four million fans watch Monster Jam events at arenas around the globe every year.
  • The minimum weight of a Monster Jam Truck is ten thousand pounds.
  • A Monster Jam truck uses two and a half gallon of fuel every time it makes a run.
  • Around three thousand cars are crushed by Monster Jam Trucks ever year during these competitions.
  • The driving seats in most of these Monster Trucks are in the center so that the driver can see the track on both sides properly while adjusting the weight accordingly.