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The Topeka RoadRunners have extended their head coach and General Manager Scott Langer’s contract for another nine years. Under Langer’s tutelage, the RoadRunners have been astonishingly consistent and that has led them to winning multiple titles and accolades on the way. Such a long contract extension shows how much people at the top trust their coach. It is an approach that suits everyone and it should act as a springboard for the team to reach newer levels of excellence. Stability is the key here and that is exactly what this move will bring. The future looks bright for the RoadRunners and that has certainly got everyone associated with the team excited.

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Topeka RoadRunners


North American Hockey League

Home Venue:

Landon Arena

The Topeka RoadRunners have been very consistent over the years to cement their place as one of the most popular hockey teams in the league today. Their exploits in Tier II in Junior A ice hockey have provided a lot of moments that they and their fans can be proud of.  They have gone from strength to strength under the guidance of Scott Langer over the years. The coach has now been granted a new contract which bodes well for the team’s future. Their fans are buying Topeka RoadRunners tickets as they head into the business end of the season. Anticipation levels are at an all time high and the team will be looking to make the most of the momentum they have gathered over time.

The Beginning

The Topeka RoadRunners trace their roots back to the year 2003 when the America West Hockey League were given an expansion team by the name of Lone Star Cavalry. The AWHL went on to merge with the North American Hockey League not too soon afterwards and became a part of the NAHL’s South Division. In their first season the Cavalry went on to post a 28-22-0-6 record but failed to make it to the playoffs. The team used to play at the Blue Line Ice Complex whose issues on the financial front triggered a series of events that lead to the start of a new era.

The Formation of Santa Fe RoadRunners

Because of the financial issues plaguing the Blue Line Ice Complex, it was decided that the arena should be shut down. That was a huge blow to the Cavalry as that left them without an arena to play their home games at. New owners then came in and relocated the team to Santa Fe to be named as the Santa Fe RoadRunners. The team made quite an impact in their first season in new surroundings and qualified for the postseason as well.

Their second season however was a letdown as the RoadRunners landed at fifth spot in the division. Things started to look up again and they went on to capture second spot in the division. It was an achievement that led them to another playoff appearance at the end of the 2006-07 campaign.

Topeka RoadRunners Start to Play

The management decided to up sticks once again and move the team to Topeka to start playing as the Topeka RoadRunners. Fans turned up in big numbers to support their new team and the affection was reciprocated by the RoadRunners in the form of a division win. They went all the way to the semifinals in the postseason as well. The RoadRunners dropped one place in the standings next season but reclaimed top spot in the division for the next two years.

The Topeka RoadRunners couldn’t complete a hat trick of division titles as they finished in second spot last season. That should be ample motivation for them to once again reach the top. They have been there so they know what it takes to win. They will be going all out to reach the top this time around, that is for sure and that is exactly what will also make them one of teams to watch out for this season.


Did You Know?

  • Scott Langer has been Topeka Roadrunners coach since 2003 from their Lone Star Cavalry days.
  • They were on third spot in league attendance in their inaugural season in Topeka.
  • John Stoddard was the current Topeka RoadRunners first captain.
  • Stoddard’s number 11 jersey is the only in Roadrunners’ history to have been retired.
  •  Eric Trax is the first ever captain in the franchise’s history when he was given the chance to lead Cavalry in 2003.