Texas San Antonio Roadrunners Tickets

The Texas San Antonio Roadrunners, also known as the UTSA Roadrunners, are looking forward to make their mark on the division once again. They have been relatively successful in terms of their performances on the pitch and the time has come for them to take the next step. They have got the talent to do that, which makes their next few seasons all the more exciting. Following that, the team’s upcoming season is highly anticipated by the fans. So saddle up and enjoy the ride if you are a Roadrunners supporter because it promises to be another exciting journey through the season.

Athletics Program:

Texas San Antonio Roadrunners

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I


University of Texas at San Antonio

The Texas San Antonio Roadrunners are about to take to arenas all around the country in their quest to turn this season into a memorable one. They have been there and thereabout in multiple sports over the years and that gives them a good base to launch themselves to new heights. Roadrunners program will be giving it a try this time around and that makes it a very interesting prospect for everyone associated with them. The Texas San Antonio Roadrunners tickets are in high demand once again among their fans looking to throw the full weight of their support behind their favorite team(s) and that is exactly the way it should be as well.

Athletics Program’s Expansion

The seeds for the Texas San Antonio Roadrunners football program to be incepted were planted in the year 2006 when the University of Texas at San Antonio decided to increase its athletics portfolio. Carr Sports Associates, Inc. were handed the task of conducting a study to see if it was feasible to do that. Another poll was then conducted by the university to ask students whether an increase in fee would be acceptable to them to fund the project. The result was a resounding yes with close to sixty six percent of the students agreeing to the proposal.

A proposal was then put forward to the University of Texas System’s Board that centered on the increase in fee and construction of a new complex estimated to cost around eighty four million dollars. The plan was approved and another initiative titled "Step Up UTSA" was then started that was to raise fifteen million dollars. That amount was to go towards paying coaches salaries, practice fields and player scholarship programs.

Football Begins

Once everything was in place, Larry Coker applied to become the head coach of the Texas San Antonio Roadrunners football program. There were other candidates as well but Coker got the nod from the UTSA management. He was joined by David Ross, Eric Roark and Mike Menefee as assistants.

The Texas San Antonio Roadrunners football team took to the field for the first time on 3rd September 2011. Fifty six thousand seven hundred and forty three fans turned up to watch them play. It was a fairly decent season that ended with UTSA posting a 4-6 record over the course of the regular campaign. Their form improved next season and they went on to post an 8-4 record. Since it is a new football program, ups and downs are to be expected. It will take them a few more seasons to really make their mark but they are going in the right direction, which is pretty evident from their performances so far.

Other Sports and Achievements

UTSA Roadrunners have been relatively successful in some of the other sports they compete in as well. Their basketball program, for example has brought their way three regular season conference titles and four conference tournament crowns. Softball team won the conference tournament in the year 2004 whereas baseball team has lifted the conference tournament thrice.

Roadrunners are all set to make their presence felt and this is as good a time as any to do that.


Did You Know?

  • The attendance for their first ever football game was a record as far as a new Division I FCS programs are concerned.
  • Their home attendance for their first season averaged 35,521 which was a record for a new football program.
  • Their football stadium, the Alamodome, is third on the list of the biggest Conference USA arenas.
  • The biggest ever crowd at the Alamodome was 66,166 for a game between Penn State and Texas A&M in 2007.
  • George Strait’s Cowboy Rides Away Tour attracted 70, 956 fans to the Alamodome.