Tennessee Lady Vols Tickets

Tennessee Lady Volunteers, also known as the Tennessee Lady Vols, are one of the most prestigious women’s athletics programs in the country. They have been among the top in multiple sports over the years to cement their reputation as an intercollegiate powerhouse. They know how to win and they know how to win big. That is a hallmark of elite teams, to deliver when expectations are high and to do it on a consistent basis. The new season is well and truly underway and this is another chance for the Lady Vols to stamp their authority on NCAA. It promises to be another exciting campaign, one that just can’t be missed out on.

Athletics Program: Tennessee Lady Vols

Institution: University of Tennessee

Competition Level: NCAA Division I

The Tennessee Lady Vols are the women’s athletics program of the University of Tennessee. They rank among the best programs in the country who have won a number of times in multiple sports. Their haul of national championships and conference titles is quite impressive. The latest campaign gives them a chance to solidify their status at the top. Their fans have bought Tennessee Lady Vols tickets in high numbers to support their team(s) this time around as well in what will for sure be another wonderful season.


The Tennessee Lady Vols basketball program has enjoyed astonishing success over the course of their illustrious history. From the time their first team took to the court in the early part of the twentieth century to this day and age, they have won all that the sport has to offer.

The program really started to make progress in the last half of 1970’s and that development led to tangible success as soon as the next decade rolled in. Since 1980, they have won sixteen regular season conference titles and the same number of conference tournaments. The Tennessee Lady Vols basketball teams have also made it to the NCAA/AIAW Tournament thirty seven times since the year 1977. Eight of those appearances have ended with them being runner up while they have got their hands on the NCAA/AIAW Tournament title on nine occasions.


Volleyball has also been the Tennessee Lady Vols strength recently. They have made huge strides in the sport which has put the program right under the national spotlight. The Lady Vols have gone on to get their hands on five regular season conference titles, the most recent of which happened in the year 2011. They have also lifted the conference tournament four times. Eight seasons have resulted in seventeen AIAW/NCAA Tournament appearances while they have made it to the AIAW/NCAA Tournament’s Final Four series once.


The Tennessee Lady Vols softball program has been quite successful in the recent past as well. Softball became a part of the athletics program in 1996 and it wasn’t long before the university’s softball teams were making their mark. They were crowned conference champions in 2007 and won the conference tournament twice in 2006 and 2011. They made it to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 1999 and have repeated the feat on ten more occasions. They have also made it to the Women’s College World Series on half a dozen times to become one of the most successful softball programs of its era.

The Tennessee Lady Vols Legacy

The Tennessee Lady Vols have won a total of thirty seven SEC level titles. They also have over ten national champions to show for their efforts over the years. They will look to ensure that the progress they have made recently carries on so that they don’t remain stagnant. Hopes are high once again so here’s hoping they will live up to expectations like they have done numerous times in the past.


Did You Know?

  • Their eight NCAA basketball titles put them at the top of the list of programs with most wins.
  • Their former basketball coach Pat Summitt is one of only three college level coaches to have won more than one thousand games.
  • Their softball team has made it to the NCAA Tournament every year starting from 2005.
  • Their 2007 softball team finished the season with a .887 winning percent, a Lady Vols record.
  • In 2007 their softball team became the first Southeastern Conference program to go all the way to the NCAA Championship Series.