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The Southern Methodist Mustangs appointed Rick Hart as their athletics director in the year 2012 and if the early signs are anything to go by then it certainly looks like a very good decision. Four conference titles were won and ten teams made it to postseason festivities in his inaugural season at the helm. After that successful campaign, things have started to look bright for the Mustangs and if they keep following the same path, it won’t be too long before they reach the top. It promises to be another exciting season for fans and everyone else associated with the athletics program, one that just cannot be missed out on.

Athletics Program:

Southern Methodist Mustangs

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I


Southern Methodist University

The Southern Methodist Mustangs are on the right track to make their mark on collegiate sports. With the arrival of Rick Hart as their new athletics director last year, the change has been instant. The mood around the place is more upbeat than it has been in years. The positivity around the program bodes well for the future of what is a historical program. The upsurge in form in recent years has got their fans excited who are buying Southern Methodist Mustangs tickets in thousands this time around.


The Southern Methodist Mustangs football program traces its roots back to the year 1915. Since then they have gone on to win eleven conference titles and three national championships. They have also produced one Heisman winner and have taken part in fifteen bowl games, winning seven. Their team in the year 1935 is regarded as one of the best in history. They amassed a record of 12-1-0 and scored a whopping two hundred and eighty eight points during that campaign.

Men’s Basketball

The Southern Methodist Mustangs men’s basketball program has been fairly successful as well. They have been crowned regular season conference champions fourteen times and have lifted the conference tournament once as well. Mustangs have qualified to the NCAA tournament ten times. They have made it to the Elite Eight twice and to Final Four stage of the competition once.

Men’s Soccer

The Southern Methodist Mustangs soccer program has posted a very formidable record over the years. Their achievements since the turn of this millennium have put them right up there among the best in the business.  In soccer, Mustangs have in total gone on to win sixteen conference championships and seven conference tournament titles. Seven of these regular season conference title wins have come since the year 2000 and five of the conference tournament winning exploits has also come during this time frame. Mustangs’ soccer teams have also made it to the NCAA College Cup twice in 2000 and 2005.


Over the years, the Mustangs have been quite a force to be reckoned with in golf as well. They have managed to win a total of eight conference titles and have produced a host of excellent players over the course of their illustrious history. The program is now among the best in the country today.

Things are looking up again for the Southern Methodist Mustangs. Their achievements over the last few years have put them on the right track. They now have an ideal platform to continue with this momentum and that makes the next few years quite an interesting prospect. So if you are a fan of the Mustangs then saddle up and get ready to be a part of another exciting few seasons.


Did You Know?

  • The golf team in the year 2006 was ranked as sixteenth best in the country by Golf Digest.
  • Mustangs have five players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • Their soccer program was ranked second in the year 2006.
  • Their football stadium the Gerald J. Ford Stadium takes its name from the billionaire banker who provided a large part of the total funding for its construction.
  • 36,742 fans attended the football game between Southern Methodist Mustangs and Army Black Knights in the year 2012 which is the stadium record.