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The Siena Saints have been rising through the ranks recently. They have won quite a few titles in multiple sports in the last few years to finally realize the potential they have always had. The success they have had recently is a good base to build from. They now know what it takes to win and how it feels to stand atop the podium. All the hard work that has been put in by the team looks like paying its dividends. The future certainly has a lot of intrigue attached to it and looks promising for the team. That is something everyone associated with the program should relish.


Siena Saints

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NCAA Division I


Siena College

The Siena Saints have made huge strides recently. Their basketball, lacrosse and baseball programs especially have fared quite well in the last few years to put the program on the map. Yes, the past has been a bit of a rough ride but things are looking up again and it looks as if good times are here to stay. They have become one of the most talked about programs in the country today and that is a testament to all the hard work that has been put in behind the scenes and on the field of play. Siena Saints tickets are expected to be in big demand among fans who will be looking forward to the ride with a lot of optimism.

Men’s Basketball

The Siena Saints men’s basketball program has witnessed a lot of success in the last three decades or so. They have won the regular season conference titles on eight occasions. The Saints have also gone on to lift the conference tournament title on half a dozen occasions over the years. As far as NCAA Tournament count goes, the men’s basketball program has made it to that stage of the season six times with three of those ending at the Round of 32.

The basketball team play their home games at the famous Times Union Center. The arena cost an estimated sixty nine million dollars to complete and has an impressive twenty five luxury suites.


The Siena Saints baseball program isn’t too far behind in terms of titles and accolades. They have gone on to win the regular season conference title five times. They also have one NCAA Tournament appearance to show for their efforts over the years.

Men’s Lacrosse

The Saints men’s lacrosse program has seen a bit of resurgence as well in the last few years. They are based at the Siena Turf Field where they play their home games. The Siena Saints men’s lacrosse program has won three regular season conference titles in the last half a decade. They have also been crowned conference tournament champions twice in 2009 and 2011. The Saints have also made two appearances in the NCAA Tournament to really put the lacrosse program on the map.

The Siena Saints are making all the right noises now. They are coming into their own at the right time and that bodes well for the future and where they aim to be in the next few years.


Did You Know?

  • Five of Siena Saints’ eight regular season men’s basketball conference titles have come since 2000.
  • All their men’s basketball NCAA Tournament appearances have come since 1989.
  • They have retired three numbers of their basketball players.
  • They have had four players win the MAAC Player of the Year award in men’s basketball.
  • Marc Brown leads the table of their all time basketball leading scorers.