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The San Antonio Rampage didn’t have the best of last season as they could not make it to the playoffs. The people at the top decided to take the team in a new direction. With that in mind, they brought onboard Tom Rowe to take over as the head coach. The move was made to give the team a push towards the top. It worked and the future now looks interesting for the Rampage and that makes this season’s games much more exciting as they are all prepared to give their best.


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The San Antonio Rampage have been in and out of the playoff picture lately. Their fortunes have fluctuated quite a lot but the owners are hoping that those days go behind them for good. They have a new coach in place and that is expected to start a new chapter for Rampage. Tom Rowe’s first task will be to stabilize the team and go forward from there. It won’t happen overnight but it should not take too long either. The roster needs just a few more tweaks here and there to take the franchise to the top. Their fans have been buying San Antonio Rampage tickets in impressive numbers so the team has the backing it needs. It all points to a fascinating next few years for everyone associated with the San Antonio Rampage.

The Beginning

The San Antonio Rampage were incepted in the year 2000 but trace their history back to 1970’s. That was when the Tidewater Wings were formed in 1971 and went on to become minor league affiliates of the Detroit Red Wings.  The inaugural season wasn’t a huge success though. The team then changed their name to the Virginia Wings and that remained the case for three seasons between 1972 and 1975. The changing of the name turned out to be good as they went on to post their first winning season.

Virginia Wings however failed to build on the momentum they had gathered and faltered during the next campaign. That bad patch didn’t last too long and Wings went on to capture first spot in the division at the end of the 1974-75 season. It however also turned out to be their last season before they halted operations.

The Arrival of Adirondack Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings needed a new minor league affiliate so that brought the Adirondack Red Wings to become a part of the hockey fraternity. They went the first few seasons with losing records against their name but they still managed to win one Calder Cup in 1981. 1983-84 turned out to be their first winning season and the team then went on to win three division titles and three more Calder Cups till 1994.

Formation of San Antonio Rampage

The Detroit Red Wings then decided to shift the team to Rossford and announced the plan in the year 1999. The relocation didn’t materialize and the team remained inactive for three years before resurfacing as the San Antonio Rampage. The new team went on to make the playoffs in the first season where they lost in the first round. Rampage didn’t make it to that stage for the next four seasons before reversing that trend in 2007-08 campaign. That was followed by another three year postseason drought which ended at the end of the 2011-12 season. Rampage went past the first round for the very first time in their history but came up short against the more experienced Barons in the next stage.

The San Antonio Rampage could not make it to the postseason festivities in 2012.  But the team is hoping things will start to look up again on a more consistent basis with Rowe in charge. Whether that happens remains to be seen but the initial signs point in the right direction.


Did You Know?

  • Lee Goren was San Antonio Rampage’s first ever captain.
  • Don MacLean scored thirty three goals for the team in 2006-07 season, a single season franchise record.
  • Brett MacLean is their leading goal scorer with seventy four goals against his name.
  • MacLean also leads the Rampage all-time assists chart with eighty one.
  • Sean Sullivan has played most games in Rampage history; two hundred and twelve to be exact.