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The Oklahoma City Barons are in their fourth American Hockey League season and haven’t missed the playoff in any of the three campaigns before the current one. Their progress has been steady if not spectacular since they were incepted but the improvement has been there nonetheless. They have tasted success and the consistency that has come into their play puts them in a good position to take the next step. They have blown a little hot and cold this time around but there is still time for them to turn their fortunes around. They have the talent, all they need is to focus on what they have been doing for the past four years or so. These are exciting times for hockey fans in Oklahoma and the next few years will decide how far Barons will go in the long run.

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The Oklahoma City Barons, in their current form, have more than made their mark in AHL. They have come up leaps and bounds in just a few years and have tasted some success as well. They have all the motivation they need to push on from here because they know how it feels to win. They have the personnel to do that and if they keep on putting in the effort, then it won’t be too long before they reach the summit. Oklahoma City Barons tickets are being bought by their fans this time around as well as they make their way to arenas around the country to root for their favorite team live.

The Beginning

The Oklahoma City Barons trace their history back to the year 1984 when a hockey team by the name of “Novia Scotia Oilers” began to play in Halifax. That franchise played for four seasons and made it to the playoffs on three occasions. They made the move to Sydney, Nova Scotia and were named the Cape Breton Oilers. That remained the case till the year 1996 and during that time, the Oilers went on to lift one Calder Cup in the year 1993.

1996 saw them relocate to Hamilton as Edmonton Oilers associates just like the Cape Breton Oilers. The Oilers decided to move the team to Toronto and the team was then named the Toronto Roadrunners. The stay in Toronto lasted only one year for the season 2003-2004 before they were moved to Edmonton to become the Edmonton Road Runners for another season. That campaign was followed by a hiatus that lasted a few years.

The Oklahoma City Barons Arrive

The franchise was then resurrected in 2010 to compete in the 2010-2011 season as the current Oklahoma City Barons. The comeback campaign was quite impressive and the team won forty games to post a season winning percentage of .569. They made it to the playoffs as well where they lost to the Hamilton Bulldogs by a score of two games to four. More success however was to come next season.

The Division Title

The Oklahoma City Barons improved on their previous season’s showing and recorded forty five wins during the 2011-2012 campaign. The record was good enough to land them the division championship. In postseason, the Barons went on to reach the third round beating the Houston Aeros and San Antonio Rampage before succumbing to the Toronto Marlies.

The Barons recorded another forty win campaign next time around, and even though that earned them another playoff berth, they failed to defend their division title. The team once again went all the way to the third round where they came up short against the Grand Rapids Griffins. The Oklahoma City Barons have made their mark, that is for certain. Their performances have been quite impressive and that gives them an ideal launch pad to propel themselves to the next level. Who knows this might be the season when they reach the Finals?


Did You Know?

  • Josh Green and Bryan Helmer, both former Barons players, have gone on take part in more than one hundred NHL games.
  • The team chose Ben Ondrus for their first captain.
  • Colin McDonald scored forty goals in 2010-2011 season, a franchise record.
  • Brad Moran holds the record for the most assists in a single season for the Barons with fifty two.
  • Alexandre Giroux leads the single season points tally for the Barons with seventy eight during the 2011-2012 campaign.