North Dakota Fighting Sioux

North Dakota Fighting Sioux Tickets

The Kohl Center located on the grounds of the University of Wisconsin is inviting audiences to become witness to an exciting upcoming game that will feature basketball teams from University of Wisconsin and University of North Dakota. These two successful collegiate programs’ will battle it out for the big win and residents of Madison can look forward to witnessing a historical event. Previously demand for North Dakota Fighting Sioux tickets has always been very high, as clashes between these two titans have often brought fans to the very edge of their seats.

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North Dakota Fight Sioux


Kohl Center

Game against

Wisconsin Badgers

Game Type

Regular season Division I game

The Main Event

The upcoming game will bring forth a regular season National Collegiate Athletics’ Association game, winning which will add to the season end score of the winning team. The game is expected to take place at the Kohl Center, an athletic training center and arena located on University of Wisconsin’s campus. Here both Division I basketball programs will put forth a competitive front to add to their figure of regular season wins.

The Arena

Inaugurated in 1998, the Kohl Center provides a multi-surface playing area on which hockey games and basketball events are held. With a seating capacity for over seventeen thousand audiences, the facility cost a whopping hundred million dollars to build. Over the years the vicinity has been utilized by University of Wisconsin’s men’s and women’s basketball and hockey teams. Apart from this the arena has hosted popular events such as the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, the WIAA State Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament, the NCAA’s Men’s Hockey Midwest Regional Game and WIAA State Wrestling Tournament amongst others. This time the multi-purpose facility is becoming host to a basketball match between the North Dakota Fighting Sioux and the Wisconsin Badgers. So what are you waiting for? Stay amidst the action and witness the game live.

The Defending Team

The Wisconsin Badgers will be taking on their competitors at their own home arena. Formed back in 1898, the basketball team’s first coach was Dr. James C. Elsom. Playing their debut game on 21st January, the team played against the Milwaukee Normal Alumni. Currently the team competes in Big Ten Conference’s NCAA Division I. The team led by head coach Bo Ryan who has been heading the basketball program for over thirteen years; the Badgers have enjoyed numerous wins over their career. With 3 Pre-Tournament Hemls Championships, an NCAA Tournament win, 2 NCAA Tournament Final Four Titles, 3 NCAA Tournament Elite Eight wins, 6 NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Titles, 3 Conference Tournament Championships and 17 Conference Regular Season Championships.

The Challenging Team

The team that will challenge the Badgers is the North Dakota Fight Sioux. Established back in 1927, the basketball team competes in Big Sky Conference’s NCAA Division I. Led by Brian Jones, the team plays its home games at the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Currently supporting the colors white, black and green, the team is one of NCAA’s Division II’s most successful teams when it previously competed in Great Western Conference’s second division. Throughout its career the basketball team has won North Central Conference titles seventeen times, Great West Conference Championships, two times and NCAA Regional’s, six times.

Due to the team’s long standing rivalries, their games are known to reel in the masses from all over the state. Like always, North Dakota Fighting Sioux tickets are usually in high demand and get sold out very quickly. This season’s event is expected to bring in high sales as well. 


Interesting Information about the Teams:

  • The North Dakota Fighting Sioux’s will be challenging the Wisconsin Badgers at their home arena.
  • Both teams have established fierce collegiate rivalries soon after their inception.
  • The basketball program from the University of North Dakota is the fourth most winning program in National Collegiate Athletics’ Associations Division II.
  • The University of Wisconsin offers the largest number of colligate athletics’ programs in Madison, Wisconsin, with a total of twenty three sports’ programs.
  • Compared to this figure, the University of North Dakota offers twenty one athletics’ programs, making it Grand Forks’ most renowned collegiate sports’ university.