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Eighteen of the North Carolina State Wolfpack teams went on to join postseason festivities in the year 2013 which is a pretty impressive achievement. Under the guidance of their Athletics Director, Deborah A. Yow, the Wolfpack program has gone from strength to strength. She has surrounded herself with people who are competent and who know what needs to be done to reach the top in sports, especially at the intercollegiate level. What they achieved last time gives them a good springboard to take the next step and if the last few years are any indication then that is exactly what Wolfpack are about to do this season as well.


North Carolina State Wolfpack

Competition Level:

NCAA Division I


North Carolina State University

The North Carolina State Wolfpack have seen their fortunes improve consistently in the last few years. The progress they have made has been there for everyone to see. They have made a big jump forward in terms of performance on the field. Wolfpack have done most of the hard work and are now ranked among the most improved programs in the country. The support they have received from their fans has been crucial in their meteoric rise and if North Carolina State Wolfpack tickets sales are any indication then fans will be out in full force to root for their program once again.


The North Carolina State Wolfpack have an illustrious football history to fall back on. The sport first began to be played at the university well over a century ago in the year 1892. From that point onwards, football has gone on to become one of the most successful sports in the institution.

Wolfpack have compiled an overall record that goes well over the .500 winning percentage. They have also managed to lift an impressive eleven conference titles on their way to produce six Consensus All-Americans. Their football teams over the years have also headlined in a whopping twenty seven postseason bowl games out of which they have gone on to win on fourteen occasions.


The North Carolina State Wolfpack have achieved considerable success in the sport of basketball as well. Their men’s program has gone on to get their hands on the conference tournament title on seventeen occasions. They have also made it to the NCAA Tournament twenty four times and have also been crowned NCAA Tournament champions twice.

The Wolfpack’s women’s basketball program has been immensely successful as well. They have been crowned regular season conference champions five times and have won the conference tournament on four occasions. Women’s basketball program has also seen its teams make it to the NCAA/AIAW Tournament two dozen times.


Wolfpack have also done fairly well in baseball. Over thirty of their former players have gone on to play in Major League Baseball over the years. Not only that, but the program has won four conference championships and have lifted the conference tournament title the same number of times. The North Carolina State Wolfpack baseball teams have also taken part in the NCAA Tournament twenty six times. They have gone all the way to compete in the College World Series twice, the most recent of which came in the year 2013.

The North Carolina State Wolfpack Legacy

Wolfpack teams in other sports have also picked up some of the biggest titles, both in individual and team competitions.  Different disciplines like cross country, track and field, swimming & diving, softball, tennis and wrestling have combined to make the North Carolina State Wolfpack athletics program a force to be reckoned with. The best thing for their fans is that even after achieving all that they have, the Wolfpack are showing no signs of letting their standards slip.

Did You Know?

  • Each and every single one of North Carolina State Wolfpack eight spring teams took part in the postseason festivities in 2013.
  • They were one of the chartered members of the ACC.
  • They took on the name Wolfpack for the first time in the year 1921 and that has remained with them ever since.
  • The tradition of cutting nets in basketball after a big win was started by the North Carolina State Wolfpack.
  • The letter “S” as a block has been a part of their logo since the year 1890.