Nitro Circus Live

Nitro Circus Live Tickets

A spectacle unlike any other is on its way. The smash-hit Nitro Circus Live is now on the road. The show is breaking new grounds and setting attendance records even beyond the United States borders. It ventured over to Asia for the first time in August for two shows in Macau where people packed the arena to witness the best in action sports perform mind boggling flips and tricks. If you are into motor sports, then this is just the event for you. Gear up for an event that promises to be nothing short of jaw dropping.

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Event Name: Nitro Circus Live

Nature of the Event: Action Sport

Creators: Travis Pastrana, Jeremy Rawle and Gregg Godfrey

A collection of some of the biggest names in motor sport and X Games will soon be heading your way with the Nitro Circus Live crew in tow. They will be ramping up the heat and performing stunts like only they can. Nitro Circus has been a huge hit right from the moment this reality TV program made its debut. What began as a production to show another side of action sports didn’t take too long to turn into a global phenomenon. The success paved the way for it to be converted into a touring show that has seen fans buy Nitro Circus Live tickets wherever the team has gone on to perform. Things are about to heat up even more so get ready and be a part of this adrenaline pumping, action packed event.



“Travis Pastrana” went on to become one of the most successful and recognizable faces in motor sports. The success he enjoyed drove him to form “Nitro Circus” and subsequently Nitro Circus Live.  He teamed up with “Jeremy Rawle” and “Gregg Godfrey” to form an organization named “Godfrey Entertainment.” It was under the banner of this company that the three of them went to work and came out with a series of DVDs showing Pastrana and some of his friends doing tricks that were nothing short of incredible. The ten DVDs started to roll out in the early part of this millennium and turned quite a few heads.


Television Broadcasts

The DVDs and all that they contained caught the attention of people running Fuel TV. In the year 2006, Nitro Circus began to air on the channel as a miniseries. That gave mainstream spotlight to what Pastrana and Co. were doing. MTV saw the potential in the explosive nature of stunts they were pulling off and offered the crew a chance to turn Nitro Circus into a reality program. The MTV broadcasts began on 8th February, 2009 and were a rip-roaring success right from the start, watched by millions across the world.


Nitro Circus Live

The ratings skyrocketed and that is when “Global Action Sports” from Australia stepped in. The company wanted to take Pastrana and his team of daredevils to Australia for a series of performances. That is how Nitro Circus Live was incepted. The tour was a huge success that sold-out arenas all across the country. That was followed by a trip to neighboring New Zealand which turned out to be another record breaking one.


Then later in 2011, Nitro Circus Live decided to return back home to the United States and performed in Vegas in the summers. The show made its way to Europe in 2012 for a series of thirteen events in seven different countries. In excess of one hundred and fifty five thousands tickets were sold to make it another immensely successful expedition.


The Nitro Circus and its live version have received widespread acclaim from every corner. The success they have enjoyed in less than a decade is as astonishing as the tricks they pull off. This is a start of what is expected to be a really special adventure by an equally fabulous team of daredevils. Expect these explosive shows to entertain you for a long time to come yet.


Did You Know?

  • Nitro Circus Live has grossed over seventy million dollars till now.
  • It has sold over seven hundred and fifty thousand tickets.
  • Their first trip to Australia sold one hundred and twenty thousand tickets.
  • Twenty eight thousand fans turned up for their performance in Arnhem, Holland to make it the biggest Nitro Circus Live event yet.
  • The original MTV production of Nitro Circus was broadcasted in over sixty countries.