Nascar Sprint Cup Series

Nascar Sprint Cup Series Tickets

After an exhaustive trial at the Charlotte Motorway Speedway recently, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will witness some changes in this year’s events. The modifications in aerodynamic regulations have been made to make the competition even more thrilling for the fans. This premier stock car series has been among the most watched motorsports competitions in the United States for years. From the time it first burst onto the scene to this day, NASCAR racing has evolved into something of a national phenomenon. Now that the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will have some new rules and regulations, the excitement is about to go up a notch.

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

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Stock Car Racing

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United States of America

For over the past six and a half decades, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has provided plenty of thrills and spills for fans of the sport. The best drivers in the business come together and line-up at the grid every year to take part in a series of races to determine who the best is at the end of the season. Millions of fans buy NASCAR Sprint Cup Series tickets to experience the excitement live on tracks around the country. With new rules being incorporated next season, the action is expected to be even more and that is precisely what fans of this exhilarating sport look forward to in the races.

The Beginning

It was during the 1920’s and 1930’s that Daytona Beach became the site where land speed records started to be set. By the time the second half of the 1930’s rolled in, the race course at Daytona had become the go-to destination for some of the best racers in the country and abroad.

Bill France, a motor mechanic, had moved to Daytona in the year 1935 and as the popularity of stock car racing grew, he came up with an idea of a proper competition along those lines. He then proceeded to incept “National Championship Stock Car Circuit” in 1947 and the first season took off that year.

The Formation of NASCAR

That experimental season of forty races turned out to be very successful so France invited the racers for a meeting once the campaign had come to an end. He told them he had a dream that revolved around setting up a group of drivers that were to look after the interests of stock car racing. A governing body was set up and it was named “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing” or in short known as NASCAR. It was officially incepted on 21st February 1948 and the first season under its umbrella got underway later that year.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

The overwhelming response that the inaugural season of NASCAR racing got paved the way for the management to take it forward. “Strictly Stock” kicked off in the year 1949 as a series of eight races. The events were held over seven different race tracks around the country. Strictly Stock is what has now manifested into NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The series was then named “Winston Cup Series.”

The entire campaign today is segregated into two parts. Twenty six races are held in the first half and the field is then narrowed down to twelve for the next stage. Ten out of those are drivers with the highest points from the last round and they are further joined by two racers with most wins against their name in the previous stage. The second phase is titled “Chase for the Championship” which is competed over ten races. The driver with most points at the end is declared the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series winner.

The series of races has attracted the attention of millions around the United States and beyond. The latest season will add to the legacy NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has created over the years and it will do that in its own adrenaline pumping way.


Did You Know?

  • The cars in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series can reach a top speed of a whopping two hundred miles per hour.
  • NASCAR’s last dirt track race was on 30th September 1970.
  • The weight of a car without driver and fuel is thirty two hundred pounds.
  • Weight of the car with fuel and driver goes up to around thirty four hundred pounds.
  • NASCAR holds a total of fifteen hundred races in different categories every year.