Monster Truck Nationals

Monster Truck Nationals Tickets

Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals has announced its 2014 schedule and the excitement among the fans has already started to build up. Considered family entertainment, Monster Truck events witness a mix of audience, as the kind of excitement it offers draws in people of all age groups. Females are seen having a great time as the Monster Trucks put on a thrilling show. Monster Truck Nationals will kick start in mid January with two shows taking place in Sioux City at the Tyson Events Center. Later on the Monster Nite Out Tour will advance to other cities including Madison Wisconsin, Champaign, IL, Indianapolis, Corbin and Columbus, OH among others. A tip for all those planning on attending the Nationals - dress down and bring ear plugs!

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Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals


Monster Nite Out

Top Monster Trucks:

Bigfoot, Raminator, War Wizard, Rammunition

Monster Truck - History

Monster Truck found popularity in the late 60s, when pickup trucks’ owners started to modify the vehicles, adding huge wheels and suspensions. Later they started participating in various competitions which included truck pulling, mud bogging, motocross races and car-eating robots. Monster Truck craze rose to such a level that the creators of these massive vehicles started to name their trucks. Some of the trucks that found the most fame during this time were ‘Bigfoot’ created by Bob Chandler, ‘Bear Foot’ by Jack Willman and ‘USA-1’ of Fred Shafer. Today Monster Trucks have gained worldwide popularity with different events and competitions taking place all over the US, Canada and even Europe. These events are promoted and sponsored by huge organizations, among which is Monster Nationals.

Monster Nite Out Tour

Monster Nite Out, the annual national tour is back with its 2014 edition. Known as the Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals, it features the most powerful and famous monster trucks. This year once again an all-star lineup will be presented at high-level series of events that are expected to last till August. Monster Truck Nationals will be rocking with some of the fiercest monsters and will also mark the comeback of the original monster truck – Bigfoot. Like always the sale of Monster Truck Nationals tickets is on the rise and the fans are buying their tickets in advance. The events will include Tuff Truck Races, freestyle stunts and 4-wheeler racing. Keeping up with the tradition, there will be a Pit Party in the end that will allow the attendees to meet the drivers of these massive trucks, ask questions and get autographs.

About the Famous Trucks

Ardent followers of Monster Truck events already know a lot about the participating trucks and their drivers. The original monster truck Bigfoot will be making a comeback this season and people are expecting great things from it. Bob Chandler introduced Bigfoot in 1979 and steered the truck to numerous victories and championships. Bigfoot gained so much popularity that it was even featured in feature films. Lucas Oil will be introducing the revamped Bigfoot at the 2014 Monster Truck Nationals and will bring back on the driver’s seat veteran driver, Eric Tack. Also roaring and rumbling into the arena will be car-crushing truck, Raminator. The truck is driven by Mark Hall. Driver Randy Moore will be bringing his power-packed truck War Wizard to the nationals. Rammunition will be driven by the talented driver, Mat Dishman. As these Monster Trucks make their way to the start line, make sure you’re ready as considering how fast these trucks move, even a blink of eye can make you miss the action.


More about Monster Trucks

  • Bigfoot was featured in the movie, “Take This Job and Shove It”.
  • Bob Chandler is inducted into the Official Monster Truck Hall of Fame.
  • To allow the trucks to turn sharp corners, steering mechanisms are present in front as well as the rear.
  • After Bigfoot, ‘Grave Digger’ is the second most popular Monster Truck.
  • For safety purposes in case something goes wrong, Monster Trucks have three switches that cut off engine and electricity.